29 December 2008

2008 Week 17 Recap

Eagles v. Cowboys, Sunday, December 28, 2008

In attendance: Chef Spouse, Shoegal, Ex-Navy Cheesehead

Menu: leftover boeuf bourgignon from Christmas dinner, YUMMY wine from Shoegal, and chocolate covered strawberries from ExNCH

Stud of the Week: There were a LOT of choices. Wolverine. Big5. Westy. Buck. Chris Clemons. Joselio Hansen. Sheldon Brown. David Akers. But in the end, it had to come down to the man who put it all together and got our guys ready to play their best game of the year at a critical time. Big Red. He may not be here next year, but if not, that was one hell of a way to go out. And how much do I love the shots of our usually stoic coach leading cheers on the sidelines?

So wow. Over 24 hours later, there still are no words. Although if you'll recall, I did predict that we'd win. The Cowboys can definitely be counted on to self-destruct in important games. But the best I thought could possibly happen was that we'd keep them out of the playoffs in favor of the Bucs or Bears. I was already a freakin' mess by the time the game started, knowing that we were back in it.

And in the first quarter, I was worried that the Cowboys were FINALLY going to break through their big-game-choke problems. 3-3. I should've known better.


So many great moments - Dawk causing TWO fumbles that were run back for TDs, including the one on Marion Barber where he just sat there on about the 10 smiling while everyone else took off. Andy Reid leading cheers. DMac hugging Buck in the endzone after his TD. David Akers knocking through a 50 yarder in heavy winds. Hank was out, so Brett ran that pretty fade route. Peanut getting over his dropsies and coming up with some big catches. Demps rockin' it out on special teams again.

And then - Tony lying on the ground with his head in his hands. TO being a non-factor. BDawk leaving the field for some fluids, and the peanut gallery joking that Wade Phillips paid for him to be escorted out, because otherwise Tony was too scared to go back on the field. Pacman slinging Reggie Brown down out of bounds (and RIGHT in front of the officials) and giving us 15. Terence Newman blowing coverage in the endzone and giving us a first-and-goal on the 1.

Like I've been saying all along, it comes down to character. The Cowboys have none. Our team came together, played as a team, and won. I'm not crazy enough to think that we'll go all the way - I'm happy, but I haven't lost my mind - but I am looking forward to seeing the Giants in two weeks.

Around the rest of the NFL...

Falcons over Rams - but not by much. Which was pretty surprising.

Colts over Titans - but I think that's because the Titans paid some college team to go out there in their uniforms so they could enjoy some waffle madness at Jeff Fisher's.

Panthers over Saints - which I expected, but what a shame that Drew Brees missed the single season passing yards record by much.

Vikings over Giants - we'll see YOU next week. And by "we" I not only mean the team, I mean about 20,000 crazy fans in midnight green, too.

Raiders over Buccaneers - damn. Thanks, y'all! Talk about an epic collapse.

Steelers over Browns - I'm not sure why Big Ben was playing at all, but Tomlin was incredibly lucky it was just a concussion. And Romeo's already fired.

Texans over Bears - as AR would say, "I would like to thank the Raiders and the Texans, they did a heckuva job."

Patriots over Bills - one of my co-workers (a Bills fan) bet one of my other co-workers (a Ravens fan) that the Bills would win the division this year. Yeah, he's losing that bet. But either way, the Pats are out of the playoffs, so HA!

Bengals over Chiefs - did anyone watch this game? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Packers over Lions - Rod's gone. But how can you fire someone who's managed to be that perfectly awful? Just seems wrong somehow.

Ravens over Jaguars - surprising no one and wrapping up the #6 AFC seed. Good rookie year there(QB and coach).

Dolphins over Jets - how awesome is that turn around? Go Tuna! The revenge of the Pennington. And Mangini's out, too.

Cardinals over Seahawks - yeah, that's the last game they'll be winning this season.

49ers over Redskins - I called this one, too. And I think Mike Singletary's job is secure. But he could use a QB.

Chargers over Broncos - I KNEW it! But LT's hurt, which is going to REALLY hurt the Chargers against the Colts next week.

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