18 December 2008

2008 Week 16 Picks

Eagles/Redskins: It's ON, baby. Skins are GOING DOWN.

Colts/Jaguars: Um, Colts.

Ravens/Cowboys: Ravens. Who are whuppin' up on the NFC East big-time this year (except for the Giants, who exceeded my expectations a few weeks ago).

Bengals/Browns: Will anyone outside of Ohio watch this game? Will anyone INSIDE Ohio watch this game? It would be Worst Game of the Week, were it not for....

49ers/Rams: Ouch. Worst Game of the Week.

Steelers/Titans: It's a bare-knuckle brawl for homefield. I'm going with Titans, mostly because Groceries only has so many knock-downs in him.

Chargers/Buccaneers: Chargers. Please. We need the help.

Saints/Lions: Saints. Not that it matters at this point.

Dolphins/Chiefs: Dolphins. Hang in there, guys.

Cardinals/Patriots: Pats. Although it would really help the Dolphins if they could manage to lose. But the Cards are coming east, which is Not A Good Sign.

Bills/Broncos: Probably Broncos, who will sneak into the playoffs by virtue of a weak division and immediately get their asses handed to them.

Jets/Seahawks: Jets. What a heinous last year for Mike Holmgren, who apparently checked out in August.

Texans/Raiders: Texans. Whatever. Al Davis is psychotic. Which almost - almost - makes me feel bad for the team.

Falcons/Vikings: Vikings. Please. Seriously, guys. This weekend is our last chance, because there is no way the Falcons lose to the Rams or the Bucs lose to the Raiders with the playoffs on the line. TENSION!!

Panthers/Giants: Grudge match for homefield. Panthers. Because the Giants are playing like I expected them to in September. Finally.

Packers/Chicago: Bears. But the Vikings will still win the division.

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