16 December 2008

2008 Week 15 Recap

Eagles v. Browns, Monday, December 15, 2008

In attendance: for MNF, just me & Chef Spouse. But on Sunday, we had Shoegal, Steelers Transplant, and his friend I'm Just Here for the Bourbon Bar Wench.

Menu: MNF? Chicken soup (I wasn't feeling good- got a cold I just can't shake - so Chef Spouse started homemade chicken stock in the afternoon to make me soup). Sunday? Steelers Transplant is about to MOVE TO GERMANY, and this was his last Sunday for football, so he went all out on the brisket, ribs, and bourbon. Shoegal brought some nice wine to go with.

Stud of the Week: Asante Samuel. We FINALLY get a pick 6. Was it worth $57 million? No, but it WAS worth some screaming and jumping around. I'm starting to get that post-season kind of feeling, so I'm hoping we get to see a lot more of this in January. Also, congrats to Asante and to WOLVERINE (who broke Harold Carmichael's record for games started as an Eagle last night) for their Pro Bowl selections. Once again, Westy is dissed. And what about one Mr. Trent Cole? Which, as Chef Spouse points out, is the EXACT reason why popular voting for the Pro Bowl is bogus.

Edited Wednesday, December 17 to add: Good stuff about Dawk and his future with the team on Eagles Blitz.

OK, I was a little worried about this being a trap game. But despite a variety of boneheaded plays, the QB-less Browns were just too, too awful.

"What boneheaded plays?" you ask, flushed with the glow of victory.

  • DeSean Jackson throwing wildcat straight into a pick. How do you let someone who's, like, 5' 7" try to THROW? He can't even clear the O-line without a box to stand on. And I didn't see a box on the field!
  • Asante? Hold onto the ball until AFTER you cross the goal line. What is this problem that we have? Good thing Stewart Bradley was there to remind him to pick it up....
  • That pick on the fade route to Hank Baskett at the end of the half. Actually, that wasn't boneheaded - just a little underthrown. What was boneheaded is that we're down at the goal line with 43 seconds left in the half and come away with nothing. Good hustle by BWest and HBask to save the TD, though.
Shit like that will kill you against teams not coached by Romeo Crennel. On the upside, on to beating the Skins, beating the Cowboys, and hoping like hell that the Bucs manage to lose to the Chargers this coming Sunday or (more likely) that the Falcons manage to lose to the Vikings.

Around the rest of the NFL...

Bears over Saints: Man, the Saints just CANNOT win in Chicago in cold weather. CANNOT. They were close this time, but they never quite get there. Shame. Both teams are in our review mirror, though, so I have no time for them.

Dolphins over 49ers: the Dolphins might make the playoffs this year. Might. They need a little help in the form of Ravens and Pats losing, but still. What a turn around! Go Tuna!

Falcons over Bucs: Speaking of needing some teams to lose to get into the playoffs, why couldn't the Bucs manage to pull this one out? Oy. Thanks a lot, Chuckie.

Bengals over Redskins: OH. MY. GOD. Who LOSES to the BENGALS? I mean, we TIED them, but come on! Think Danny Snyder lets the Zornmeister finish the season? And by that I mean no knock on the Zorn, who I think is doing a pretty decent job for a rookie head coach (despite his own unwarranted recent self-criticism) with a locker room full of past their prima donnas. That's a knock on Snyder, aka the Third Worst Owner in Football (behind, of course, Jerry Jones and Al Davis). Speaking of fading down the stretch...

Jaguars over Packers: Yikes. Letting A. Rodg. start was still the right decision, though. Gotta see if the kid's got it at some point. And if it turns out he doesn't, better to know now.

Chargers over Chiefs: How do the Chiefs manage to blow YET ANOTHER huge lead? How does Herm still have a job? Actually, now that Carl Peterson has resigned, Herm might not still have a job for long. Even weirder? I think it's still possible for the 6-8 Chargers to win their division, if they win out and the Broncos lose out. Some divisions are barely worthy of the name.

Texans over Titans: Hunh.

Seahawks over Rams: Whatever.

Colts over Lions: Raise your hand if you think Tim Tebow's going to be a Lion next year. Think they can pull off the anti-perfect season? It's looking likely to me, although they do finish their season with two teams who are out of contention - Saints and Packers. Then again, one would hope they still have *some* pride.

Jets over Bills: I thought for sure we'd see the Bills in the playoffs this year. Um, yeah. No.

Vikings over Cardinals: Dominating the NFC West does not translate into winning anywhere else. Sorry, guys.

Patriots over Raiders: Unsurprising. What is surprising is that the Raiders scored 26 points. I guess the Patriots offense was getting tired of running up & down the field and asked the D to at least let the Raiders score some so they could get a break.

Steelers over Ravens: Yeah, that wasn't a TD. Sorry, Steelers Transplant. It's conceivable that y'all still would've won anyway. But that was not a TD.

Panthers over Broncos: Dominating the AFC West does not translate into winning anywhere else. Also, Jay Cutler's an arrogant tool.

Cowboys over Giants: ARGH! What a time for the Giants to start playing like the mediocre team I thought they were all season (until they racked up 11 wins). Well, the last game of our season will at least be exciting, since I suspect we'll be fighting over the last NFC wildcard playoff spot.


Unknown said...

"Some divisions are barely worthy of the name" - very true! I suggest we call them subdivisions - as in sub-par, of course.

Anonymous said...

Subdivisions! Hee! Love!