11 December 2008

2008 Week 15 Picks


We're getting hot, and not a moment too soon.

The Browns suck, which, if this were November of this season, would mean we'd lose to them.

But they will be NO MATCH for our resurgent Iggles.

(Who have to win out to even have a chance at a post-season.)

(And don't think they don't know that.)


(Do the Browns even have a QB any more?)

Saints/Bears: Hey! It's the first Thursday night game (other than us on Thanksgiving) I care to watch! Cool! As long as we can win out, neither team can catch us. (And if we don't win out, we don't have a chance, anyway.) Geaux Saints! (Actually, I think the Bears are going to win this one. But I'm rooting for the Saints anyway.)

Bucs/Falcons: (OK, we probably can't catch the Bucs.) So go Bucs! Beat the Falcons down for us! (The Bucs will win this game.)

(Apparently, I'm feeling very parenthetical this week.)

49ers/Dolphins: And the surprising 49ers upset wins end at one. (Particularly since they have to come east to play.) (So if the Dolphins win the AFC East this year, does that redeem my cracklicious pick of the Dolphins to win it in the 2006 season?) Dolphins.

Seahawks/Rams: Who wins? (Who cares? ) Worst Game of the Week. (Perhaps it's time for a Worst Game of the Week drinking game. I'm taking suggestions in the comments. But would that require me to WATCH the game? I'd have to drink in that case...)

Bills/Jets: How the mighty have fallen (on both sides). The only role the Bills can play at this point is spoiler. (And I don't even know if they have the stones to do that.) Jets. (I guess.)

Chargers/Chiefs: Chargers. (But only by default. De fault of the Chiefs in continuing to employ Herm Edwards.)

Redskins/Bengals: The Redskins are struggling right now. (But not that bad.) Redskins.

Titans/Texans: Titans. (Nothing parenthetical about it.)

Packers/Jaguars: (Two months ago, I would've thought this would be a good game. Now I know it's going to be a dog.) Packers. (Like it matters at this point.)

Lions/Colts: (I'd like to pick the Lions in an upset.) (But I'm not completely insane.) Colts.

Vikings/Cardinals: The Cards locked up the division last week! (The division was NFC West.) Vikings.

Steelers/Ravens: Steelers. (But I don't think the Ravens are going down without a fight.) (Unlike ole Groceries. ) (I'll be here all week. Don't forget to tip your waiters!)

Broncos/Panthers: (Much as we need the help in the NFC, it's not going to matter.) (Because the Broncos are only leading their division because it's West.) Panthers.

Patriots/Raiders: (The Raiders are the suck.) (But you knew that.) Patriots.

Giants/Cowboys: Go Giants! (We need the help!)

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