26 November 2008

SundaySchedule: November 30, 2008

For all my local peeps:

We're playing on Thanksgiving, and Chef Spouse and I are heading out of town. We'll be back by Sunday and will be watching football, of course, but things will be pretty low-key.

1 pm - Giants/Skins
4 pm - Steelers/Patriots
8 pm - Bears/Vikings

Menu: everyone bring your Thanksgiving leftovers, we'll make some cocktails and we'll eat 'em up!


Jeff De Cagna/@pinnovation said...

Elizabeth, I hope you're doing better after your run-in with the Baltimore idiot.

I know the Eagles are in a bad way right now, and I don't want to rub it in, but I do want to point out what I told you in September:

The Giants WILL MAKE the playoffs.

The Eagles WILL NOT win the division, and I don't think they will make the playoffs either.

You said at the time that I was probably right. Yours is a very wise football mind my friend! Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, particularly now that our head coach has GONE INSANE, I think this might be more of an uphill battle than even my beloved Iggles can manage.