14 November 2008

2008 Week 11 Recap

Eagles at Bengals, Sunday, November 16, 2008

In attendance: Shoegal, Ex-Navy Cheesehead, Steelers Transplant, Chef Spouse, me, and Jack. Jack Daniels that is.

Menu: guacamole, chips, and fresh from Pittsburgh salsa (surprisingly good), shrimp, crudites, Popeye's friend chicken, beer, and bile.

Stud of the Week: Trent Cole. Who keeps getting unfairly penalized for roughing the passer when he's not and keeps bringing the heat anyway. He's a bad ass.

Sunday's game brings to mind a whole host of questions. To wit:

So what the hell was that steaming pile of crap?

A TIE? Who TIES the Bengals? The 1-8-1 Bengals?

Who was that guy wearing #5, and what did he do with Donovan McNabb?

3 picks and a fumble? Who do you think you are, Brett Favre?

How did DMac not know that a regular season game can end in a tie?

Did he think they were just going to let them keep playing until the Bengals gave up?

Was that the strategy?

Is there something wrong with Westy or is there something wrong with Marty or is there something wrong with Big Red? He had 14 carries for 60 yards, which...wait, actually that's not too bad. WAY too few attempts, but 4.3 yards per attempt. Not many receptions either.

How was T.J. Houshmandzadeh open on EVERY SINGLE PLAY? Who was supposed to be covering him? JJ?

On Sunday Night Football, J.Mad. asked the rhetorical question: "What's the opposite of playing with urgency?" May I offer the Philadelphia Eagles by way of a reply?

When you look at the game stats, they aren't horrible - other than that glaring 3 in the Interceptions column. Does that explain it all? This particular group of Eagles generally isn't a team that's great at battling back from adversity. But your QB should be able to have an off day once in a while without the entire team collapsing like wet tissue paper. And if the QB *is* having an off day, why not, oh, I don't know, try RUNNING THE BALL A LITTLE?

Looking at the post-Super Bowl years, in 2005, everyone was injured. Everyone. Even the guy who hands out the Gatorade spent two weeks on IR with carpal tunnel syndrome. In 2006, McNabb tore his ACL, the team came together under Jeff Garcia, and we did surprisingly well in the playoffs. In 2007, McNabb came back too soon from the ACL tear, The Powers That Be set us up with short bus-style "special" special teams, and we still managed to pull it together in the stretch and finish 8-8, out of playoff contention, but not bad after our slow start. What's our excuse this year? Solar flares? The guys are mostly healthy, but they're playing like there's an unlimited number of games/amount of time left for them to pull it together. Guys! Wake up! Only 6 more games! Do you WANT to watch the playoffs from David Akers' rec room?

I quote goeagles99:
I spent much of the game staring at the TV with a sense of disbelief. We've all seen a good team struggle against a bad team. The good team normally wakes up at some point and pulls out the win. That's what I was waiting for.

Never happened.
Aw hell, just go read the whole post. Tommy says it beter than I could. And don't skip the comments - they're worth it.

IgglesBlog has some good stuff, too, particularly this comment:

They are choosing to be one dimensional!

It's also why this team is presently incapable of winning a close game. Either Plan A works (let's call it the Shock and Awe Pass Attack) or we see three and outs. They'll either jump out to huge leads and take teams out or lose the tough, grind it out kind of games.

Anyone who's been reading this blog for any length of time knows that I'm not one to call for regime change. I don't start throwing people under the bus left and right if things start going wrong. I'm usually Little Miss Stay Calm, Everything Will Work Out. I'm a loyalist, a homer - a pessimist, but a true fan. If we miss the playoffs again this year - which is looking increasingly likely - I'm thinking there have to be some major changes in the F.O., among the coaching staff, or on the team. Or all three.

Around the rest of the NFL....

Jets over Patriots: In OT. In what was apparently a pretty exciting game. I don't know. I skipped it in protest because of those annoying NFL Network "HERO" spots about Brett Favre. Hero, my sweet round ass! Will he never just GO AWAY?

Broncos over Falcons. Hm. Surprising. Particularly given all the injuries the Broncos are battling.

Panthers over Lions. How the hell did the Lions manage to put up 22 points against the Panthers? Think they can go totally defeated? The Dolphins did manage to win *a* game last year - and they're a LOT better this year, so maybe the Lions should intentionally try to win only one game in hopes they'll follow in Miami's footsteps? How long does Rod Marinelli get to keep his job, anyway?

Colts over Texans. Have the Texans *ever* beat the Colts? Poor Texans.

Saints over Chiefs. Well, yes.

Giants over Ravens. Damn. Which probably means they'll be pissed next week, when we play them. Great. More good news.

Buccaneers over Vikings. Go, Jeff, it's your birthday. We're gonna party like it's your birthday. OK, not really, but he's having a Kurt Warner-like career revival. Speaking of Kurt Warner....

Cardinals over Seahawks. And the way the rest of the NFC West is playing this year, they could probably lose all their remaining games and still win the division.

Dolphins over Raiders. OK, so I was right. Which means I'm wrong about my "the Dolphins only beat good teams" theory. Unless that theory only holds for teams that are actually professional football teams. Maybe the Raiders are playing like this in an attempt to hold on to their amateur status in case American football ever becomes an Olympic sport?

Packers over Bears. WAY over. WAY WAY over. Yao Ming over. I wasn't watching the game, and when I was following the score, I assumed that Turnoversaurus Rex was playing. Uhn-uh. Or if he was, he was wearing a really good Kyle Orton disguise. My prediction about this being a good game? Not so much.

49ers over Rams. Well, duh.

Titans over Jaguars. Going up by 11 points is clearly not enough. Chef Spouse was telling me that what he really hopes happens is that the Titans go undefeated all season, and then go on to lose to the Giants in the Super Bowl. While that would be funny, what would be better is if the Titans were to go undefeated all season and then lose to the EAGLES in the Super Bowl. But I think our chances of going to the Super Bowl this year are about the same as President-Elect Obama naming Bill O'Reilly to be his press secretary.

Steelers over Chargers. What an odd ending to the game. And the cavalcade of officiating problems continues! Are the officials just not paying attention? Have the rules gotten too complicated? I think Big5 would probably say, "yes," although that OT rule has been in effect for some time now. But old Groceries is still ending up ass over tea kettle way too often. Yes, he's a big, tough guy, but he's not indestructible, for God's sake!

Cowboys over Redskins. Damn. You know, at least when the Eagles and the Skins both lose on Sunday, I can distract myself from the weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth in the Philly media with the weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth in the WaPo. It's pretty cold comfort on a day when we TIED THE BENGALS and the Skins dropped one to the DAMN COWBOYS, but at least it's something. A very, very tiny something.

And I'm now watching Trent Edward's 4 millionth pick of the game. In the first quarter. And the Browns have only managed two field goals out of it. That's almost as pathetic as, well, the Bengals. Sigh.


Unknown said...

McNabb said he's never been involved in a tie. But surely he'd been in OT games and present at midfield when the ref, before tossing the coin, tells the captains that if there's no score after 15 minutes of play, the game ends in a tie.

Anonymous said...

@rocketman - maybe you've just identified the flaw in the Eagles' practice of rotating team captain from week to week?