13 November 2008

2008 Week 11 Picks

This week, we face the 1-8 Bengals. This *should* be an easy win. If it's not, I think we officially pack it in for the season.

Jets/Patriots: Patriots. Who are looking pretty good, Rocks Brady or no Rocks Brady.

Broncos/Falcons: Are the Falcons for real? I think we find out this week. Falcons.

Saints/Chiefs: OK, Saints, shake it off. You can DEFINITELY beat the Chiefs. Saints.

Ravens/Giants: If they weren't playing opposite us, this is the game I would watch. Ravens. Please. We need the help.

Vikings/Buccaneers: You know how I said Gus Frerotte wasn't the answer? Bucs.

Raiders/Dolphins: Ah - this will be a good test of my theory. If, in fact, the Dolphins do only beat good teams, there's no question. The Raiders are not anyone's definition of a good team. Then again, Life-Long Eagles Fan Mom could lead pretty much any team (other than the Lions) to victory over the Raiders. Dolphins. Which means if I'm wrong and they lose, I'm right. Or something like that.

Lions/Panthers: Jeez! When do the poor Lions get their bye week? Oh wait - they already had it. Man, this just keeps getting worse and worse. Panthers.

Bears/Packers: Can Good Rex keep it up (maybe)? Or will Kyle Orton be back (probably not)? Should be a good game. Bears.

Texans/Colts: Colts. Duh. Even if Marvin Harrison is concussed. Or out. Or out cold.

Rams/49ers: What did I say about all-NFC West games? Worst Game of the Week.

Cardinals/Seahawks: OK, this isn't funny. Think of the children!

Titans/Jaguars: Titans. Hope the Jags enjoyed that one-game winning streak.

Steelers/Chargers: Steelers.

Cowboys/Redskins: Go Skins! We need the help in the wildcard race! And we might not be able to catch you, either! So take down the Cowboys for us, aight?

Browns/Bills: Bills.

Edited Friday, November 14 to add: Also, no more bye weeks, so now's the time to go all in, fellas.

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