07 November 2008

2008 Week 10 Picks - Part 2

We've developed kind of a tradition in my family. For either Life-Long Eagles Fan Mom's birthday in the spring or for You-Two-Calm-Down-or-I'm-Turning-Off-the-TV Dad's birthday in the fall, the 'rents come on down to DC for a weekend of fun, sightseeing, hanging out, good food, and general hilarity. We're about 6 weeks late, but this was the first weekend we were all free to host the folks here at the Money Pit.

We have a fun weekend plan. They should arrive tomorrow in time to catch lunch at a new Italian deli, run by Philly natives, that just opened in my neighborhood. It's going to be warm and sunny tomorrow, so we're probably going to hit some of the monuments (they've never seen the Korean War or WWII memorials), and Chef Spouse is going to make homemade pasta for dinner. Saturday, we may head out to the Smithsonian's Udvar Hazy Center, and then Life-Long Eagles Fan Mom requested we go get Ethiopian food for dinner.

And then Sunday....

Damn, do I have to talk about Sunday? Because I think it's REALLY unlikely we beat the Giants. In September, it was easy to dismiss them - they'd only beaten bad teams, and they lost to the Browns, for God's sake. Then the whupped up on an admittedly-Tony-Romo-less Cowboys team and on the Steelers and old Groceries. Much tougher to dismiss now.

If D-Mac doesn't come out flat...

If B-West has a big day...

If our receivers get over their dropsies....

If Asante Samuel finally shows he's worth all the coin we paid him....

If our D can get to lil' Eli and stop Brandon Jacobs...

We could win this thing. Which would rock. And be an awesome birthday present for You-Two-Calm-Down-or-I'm-Turning-Off-the-TV Dad. And shock more than a few of the sports bloviators. And me. Giants.

Saints/Falcons: It pains me to say it, but Falcons. Drew Brees is hot-hottie-hot, but the rest of the team's not keeping up, and the Falcons are the better all around squad at this point.

Titans/Bears: The Titans have to lose eventually. But I don't think it's going to be this week. Titans.

Jaguars/Lions: The Jaguars need a little help to get their season back on track. Help is arriving in the form of the hapless Lions.

Ravens/Texans: Here's the thing about the Texans - I think they're probably better than 3-5. But not better enough to take out John Harbaugh and Joe Flacco, who are definitely enjoying some beginner's luck this year.

Seahawks/Dolphins: Based on my theory that the Dolphins only beat good teams, Seahawks. Also Upset Pick of the Week. Amazing that picking *against* the Dolphins is the upset pick.

Packers/Vikings: Divisional grudge match between two teams that are trying to catch the Bears. This should be a good game. Packers.

Bills/Patriots: I think the Bills resume their winning ways and step out in a division with THREE 5-3 teams. Bills.

Rams/Jets: Rams. SIKE! Jets. No matter how many picks Vicodin Boy throws.

Panthers/Raiders: Panthers. You know how I've spent the last several seasons urging the Raiders to just forfeit most of their games and go straight to the bar? They've ignored me for years, but this time, guys, I'm serious. Forget the game. Just go someplace where they have cheap pitchers of margaritas. Or a build-it-yourself Bloody Mary bar. Or hell, both. Panthers.

Colts/Steelers: Steelers. But they might want to let Byron Leftwich keep playing and let Groceries get his bearings a little. It won't be much of an adjustment for the rest of the team - trading in one really big, totally imobile QB with a huge arm for...a really big, totally imobile QB with a huge arm. TomAYto, tomAHto.

Chiefs/Chargers: The Chargers are SUCH a disappointment this year. But not SUCH a disappointment that they lose to the Chiefs.

49ers/Cardinals: Seriously? This is the Monday Night Football game? I really think the NFL should have invoked the little known "No all-NFC West matchup in prime time" rule here. Cardinals. Not that anyone's likely to watch.

Byes: Bengals, Buccaneers, Cowboys, and Redskins (both of which will likely spend the bye week trying to figure out what went wrong. Here's a tip. Cowboys - crazy owner, head case players, and Mr. Nice Guy head coach is not a winning combo. Redskins - damn, y'all! Don't sell all your tickets to the opposing team's fans!)

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