14 October 2008

News on Many Fronts

Interesting weekend in the NFC East - we pulled off a win that was a lot closer than the final score reflects, and the Giants, Skins, and Cowboys all went down to teams they should've beat. Recap will be posted tonight, but it's nice to see that DMac's Come to Jesus speech worked and that we finally got a break in the division.

Also, Tonyboy's broken finger puts him out for games against the Rams (Are they a threat? Hard to say now....), the Bucs, and the Giants. So that's bad for them, good for us.

Also, both the Cowboys and the Skins will be looking for new punters - Cowboys due to injury, Skins due to suckitude.

Also, go Phillies! It's beginning to look a lot like World Series.....

Also, Chicks Talkin' Trash is moving to 7:30 pm EDT at least next week - not sure about the schedule going forward, but I'll be sure to provide updates as I have them.

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