28 October 2008

2008 Week 8 Recap

Eagles versus Falcons, Sunday, October 26, 2008

In attendance: Chef Spouse, Shoegal and me. Ex-Navy Cheesehead had to work, and Steelers Transplant is still in the Burgh.

Menu: Shoegal provided a YUMMY ham, I made scalloped potatoes, Chef Spouse made us bourbon drinks, and we finished off with chocolate cake.

Stud of the Week: Lito Sheppard, for once again picking off an opposing QB in the endzone. Lito, I'm not sure how much longer we'll have you, but I, for one, will miss you when you're gone.

Well, Troy Polamalu was 100% right. How the hell was Trent Cole's hit a 15 yard penalty? I guess we're not even allowed to LOOK at the QB too hard these days. Of course, had someone hit DMac like that - and them stomped on his throwing hand - it would've been no big deal. But you hit a cute little white boy, it's all over. I think I missed most of the rest of the first quarter bitching about it. Trent almost made Stud of the Week because he's so awesome that he scared Matt Ryan into going down on his own several times later in the game. Nice.

Once again, our offense had trouble getting it going. Until my boy DMac punched it in. And thank God! Is the QB sneak the answer to our 1st-and-goal troubles? Yes, I think it is.

Lots of punting. Punting, punting, punting. And then my boy Lito picks off the Mattster in the end zone. Like he does. All the time. Sure, Asante had another pick and a number of batted passes. And Chef Spouse was arguing for Asante to be Stud of the Week. Well, my expectations for him are a LITTLE higher than a few batted balls. And he's paid way more than my boy Lito. Who I love. And will love, no matter where he plays. Unless it's Dallas.

So we were playing better than the Falcons, at least in the second half. But the game was still definitely in play. And we were getting down towards the end. And the Falcons took it to a one possession game. And then, for once, THEY burned all their time outs and THEY muffed a punt (or maybe they didn't, but they also couldn't challenge), and WE were the ones who put the game away (although, had West36 gone down on the 1 again, we would've been able to run out the clock. But you gotta let the man get in the endzone from time to time.)

So we're STILL at the bottom of the NFC East, in a year when three divisions (AFC West, NFC North, and NFC West) are being LED by 4-3 teams. But Kevin Curtis is back, DMac seems to be his old self,West36 is back, Peanut's having a hell of a rookie year, and I'm just keeping my fingers crossed.

Speaking of fingers crossed, the Rays saved Bud Selig's ass by tying it up in the top of the 6th, so he could suspend the game without being forced to call a Phillies win. But it won't matter, because we're going to win it anyway, whether we finish the game tomorrow, next week, or after Thanksgiving. Go Phillies!

Around the rest of the NFL...

Ravens over Raiders. Well, duh.

Panthers over Cardinals. Well, also, duh. But the game was WAY closer than I thought it would be.

Cowboys over Buccaneers. Damn. Damn damn damn. Jeff, the way you played in Philly, I KNOW you hate the Cowboys, too. How could you let them do this to us? Sigh.

Redskins over Lions. This game was way closer than it should have been, too. Did you hear that the Lions are looking at signing Dante Culpepper? Desperation move. Of course, Testaverde seems to have MEANT his retirement, so they don't have a *whole* lot of options. Might want to start by firing your head coach, though, guys. Of course, if you wait, the Chiefs are probably going to pick up Culpepper. But I think a new head coach will do you more good. BTW, there is significant consternation in DC about the close win over a TERRIBLE team.

Dolphins over Bills. Told you the Dolphins only beat good teams. Don't worry - as soon as the zebras start calling fair against the Pats again, the Bills will jump right back to the top of the AFC East.

Pats over Rams. Speaking of, I agree Jim Haslett: there is NO WAY the Pats committed not ONE single penalty the entire game. NO WAY. If no one else will call bullshit, I will.

Saints over Chargers. Cheerio, old boy! Nola Chick went to London for the game. Get the full recap at Chicks in the Huddle. By the way, the whole "let's get Europe into the NFL" thing is never going to work. We already tried that. It was NFL Europe. It's been shut down. This is just an excuse to, well, I don't really know. Screw a bunch of players by making them get on a completely different time zone for a week? Not really sure what the purpose is here. But Geaux Saints!

Jets over Chiefs. And Brett Favre throws interception infinity and infinity and one! How humiliating is it to need a last minute miracle to beat a Tyler Thigpen led Chiefs team? Also, I love Herm, but how does he still have a job?

Browns over Jaguars. I can't frapping figure out the Browns. They beat the Giants and the Jags and lose to the..well, actually, I just checked. They've lost to the Cowboys, the Steelers, the Redskins, and the Ravens. OK, maybe they actually aren't so hard to figure out. Except for this week. Should've gone with the Titans for AFC South this year rather than last.

Texans over Bengals. Well, duh. I mean, the Texans aren't that good, but the Bengals are TERRIBLE. TERRIBLE. What's worse than terrible? Not sure, but they're that, too.

Giants over Steelers. Damn. Damn damn damn. DAMN. Steelers Transplant was at the game and said Heinz Field was INSANE. Until the last quarter. Argh.

Seahawks over 49ers. Apparently, there's someone the Seahawks can beat: other teams in the NFC West. Which really shouldn't count. Easiest. Division. Ever.

Titans over Colts. One hell of a game, too. I got to see the end of it live since Game 5 was suspended on account of the typhoon and the resulting lake at 2nd base of Citizen's Bank Park. So how long do you think until the hype over "will they go undefeated?" starts? Or is that reserved for NFL "Royalty" like the Pats, Colts, and Cowboys? I'm sure the victory was particularly sweet because it was the Colts. How do you think they manage to make Vince Young go away forever? Oh! I know! Offer him to the Lions!

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