22 October 2008

2008 Week 8 Picks

Ok, first game of the World Series is about to start (theoretically - I've been watching the damn broadcast for over 30 minutes, and Mike Schmidt just announced the Phils lineup, so maybe we'll get the opening pitch sometime before midnight - and what's with the ridiculous triumphalist theme music?), so this is going to be the abbreviated version.

Eagles/Falcons: Eagles. I'm willing to believe that we've righted our season, despite scant evidence (beating the 49ers) to the contrary.

Raiders/Ravens: Ravens. That Raiders over Jets thing was lucky.

Cardinals/Panthers: The Cardinals are leading a division, but it's the NFC West, so it doesn't count. Panthers.

Buccaneers/Cowboys: So I was a little precipitous in calling for a Cowboys implosion the past two years. I knew they'd get there eventually. Buccaneers.

Redskins/Lions: Redskins. And they should just go ahead and rest anyone who's injured. Or tired. Or has a hangnail. Or has some errands to run. Or just doesn't feel like going to Detroit this week. Their bye is coming kind of late, and the Steelers are going to be tough next week - they could probably use a little extra down time. Plus, you know, there's all those house chores you have to get done in the fall to get ready for winter. No time like the present. It's not like they're going to need everyone on deck to take the Lions.

Bills/Dolphins - Dolphins only beat good teams, which means they win this one. Dolphins.

Rams/Patriots - Rams, in this week's upset pick. Go Jim Haslett! That permanent job is only 4 wins away!

Chargers/Saints - who rights their season? I'm going with "hopeful" and calling Saints. Reggie's out, but Marques is back, and maybe Sean Payton will get Deuce McAllister involved more and everything will come together.

Chiefs/Jets: The Jets will bounce back from their loss to the Raiders and whup up on the nearly as pathetic Chiefs. Herm, I'd be freshening up my resume if I were you.

Browns/Jaguars: Jaguars.

Bengals/Texans: Think the Bengals might finally win a game? Nope, me either. Texans.

Giants/Steelers: Aside from the season opener, when the Skins were all, "Wait - that was the first game of the REAL ACTUAL season? Oops! Our bad!" this will be the first team with a winning record the Giants have faced. They are going DOWN harder than old Groceries Rothliesberger. Steelers.

Seahawks/49ers: Poor 49ers! You had to play the NFC East the past two weeks! Aren't you glad to be back in the West? Yes, you are, as I could coach you to a win over the Seahawks. 49ers. Also, Worst Game of the Week.

Colts/Titans: Titans. Who are taking over AFC South. I was just a little early calling it.

Bye: Bears, Broncos, Packers, Vikings - 3 of the NFC North teams have byes the same week? Isn't that a little weird? There's a joke here about Lions, I'm just not quite sure what it is....


Unknown said...

Here's a couple of formulas for picking the Lions and Cardinals games this week:

1. Bad things happen when the Cardinals travel East.

2. The Redskins always beat the Lions. Always.

Anonymous said...

Lately, pretty much everyone (including my mom) beats the Lions.

Unknown said...

They are pitiful. I had to laugh at the whole 'Brett Favre helped the Lions' thing last week. Favre could've handed them the Packers' playbook and it wouldn't have mattered.

Anonymous said...

Brett Favre could PLAY for the Lions and it wouldn't matter.