16 October 2008

2008 Week 6 Recap

Eagles at 49ers, Sunday, October 12, 2008

In attendance: just Chef Spouse, Shoegal and myself

Menu: guacamole, chicken noodle soup, cheese bread (thanks Shoegal!), chocolate chip cookies, and tequila

Stud of the Week: Juqua Parker (nee Thomas), who probably should have, like BWest, gone down on the 1. But hey, it was his first ever pick for a TD, so give the guy a break!

Man, by the end of the first half, I was really worried. Deja vu all over again, right? We start hot, then we completely fall apart in the second half. Defense can't stop, offense can't go. Dear God, when will we get BWest back? Dear God, why does our entire team always seem to ride on one guy?

And frankly, the third quarter didn't make me feel any better. How the hell are the JT O'SULLIVAN-led 49ers beating the pants off us? The tequila came out, the mood headed south...it was not pretty.

And then....the fourth quarter.


Did the D step up?


Did the O get it done?


I can haz this for the rest of the season, plz?

rocks out the breakdown, but all I can say is that the final score doesn't reflect the reality of the game. 40-26 looks like a blowout, which it was not, until the final 6 minutes (or less).

Chef Spouse made us some manhattans shortly before the BIG fourth quarter turn around. He made more right before the Cowboys lost to the Cardinals. Maybe bourbon is the answer? That would ROCK. I'm totally on board with that plan.

And who else was the big stud of the game? My boy, DMac of course. To quote philly.com
McNabb was 23-for-36 for 280 yards and a pair of touchdowns. He did get frustrated when the afternoon started to go sour. He had no Brian Westbrook, no Reggie Brown. Somehow, he got the job done, using Correll Buckhalter, DeSean Jackson, Baskett and a maybe a roll of duct tape.
And some WD-40. Any given team...any given week. And this week, it was us.

(And Tony Hunt is gone. Not that he was all that, but why is he gone and Lorenzo Booker is still an Eagle? And we got what for it?)

Around the rest of the NFL...

Rams over Redskins. Oh, my God. Guess the Skins aren't all that. Or Jim Haslett IS all that. Apparently the Rams should've ditched Linehan a LONG time ago.

Cardinals over Cowboys. Oh, my GOD! And man, did they get shnockered on injuries. HA! Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug. Also, do you think Tonyboy cried again? Cause that would be AWESOME. Raise your hand if you think Brad Johnson to TO is going to go well....mmm hmmm. Disaster written all over it. Maybe that ridonkulous outfit was a cry for help?

Browns over Giants. OH. MY. GOD. Did you see the return of craptacular INT Eli? Because I sure did. I missed the first part of the game because I was out. I walked in the front door, and Chef Spouse was all, "You will NOT believe this." My response? "The Giants are LOSING to the BROWNS?!?" Oh yeah! And it only got better.

Did you notice that we were the ONLY NFC East team to win this week? Did you notice that the other NFC East teams lost to teams they DEFINITELY should have beat? The Rams? First win. The Cardinals? OK, 4-2, but in the NFC West, which really doesn't count. The Browns? 2-3, and calling for Derek Anderson's/Romeo Crenel's head until Monday night. Oh yeah, it's good to be an Eagles fan this week.


Vikings over Lions. Also, boring game. Also, two crappy teams. How exactly did the Vikings manage to beat the Saints, again?

Falcons over Bears. Hm. Maybe we should be concerned about the Falcons. Yeah, I think so. Of course, Andy Reid is generally AWESOME the week after the bye. Hope that holds.

Saints over Raiders. Well duh. Also, Al Davis may be completely crazy. Also, forget the "may be."

Jets over Bengals. So we have to ask: which team will be the last to win? Bengals or Lions? I would've said Rams, but, well...Ocho Cinco, wouldn't you like to wear midnight green? Too late for this season....

Texans over Dolphins. In case I hadn't already mentioned it, it was a CRAZY week for the NFL. How many games were won in the last seconds? Vikings over Lions, Falcons over Bears, Texans over Dolphins, Rams over Redskins, Cardinals over Cowboys - that's a LOT, dude.

Bucs over Panthers. OK, maybe I was wrong about Jeff Garcia being finished.

Colts over Ravens. Big time. Ouch.

Jags over Broncos. I shouldn't have been so quick to doubt. Sorry, Jags. I won't doubt again. Until you manage to lose to the Lions or something. Also, Cutler? Not John Elway. Not by a long shot. Get a hold of yourself, Junior.

Packers over Seahawks. Man, it's a shame that Holmgren and Hasselbeck are going out this way.

Chargers over Pats. The Chargers started looking like the Chargers on Sunday night. Meanwhile, the Pats started looking like the Pats...without Tom Brady. I didn't even bother to watch the end.

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