09 October 2008

2008 Week 6 Picks

Eagles/49ers. You know, it really worries me that I'm even worried about this game. The 49ers play in the execrable NFC West. And they're 2-3 out there. Which is a whole different ball of wax than 2-3 in the NFC East (I hope). They've only managed to beat the Seahawks and the Lions, so they haven't even beaten a good team this year. But there you have it - I'm worried.

One of the biggest things I'm worried about is Frank Gore. Anyone else? After seeing how Clinton Portis shredded our defense for a million gazillion yards (actual yardage: 145, but still, a lot - and over 200 for the team) last week, I am worried.

Another thing I'm worried about? David Akers. I don't know what is up there, but it's not good.

I'm also worried about BWest, or, to be more precise, our likely complete lack of BWest on Sunday.

I'm worried that Shawn Andrews isn't back yet, and doesn't seem to be getting any better.

I'm worried that we're sinking into a hole so deep that only a fireman without a collarbone is going to be able to save us.

I'm worried.

McNabb finally called out the team (and himself). Hm. Maybe he DID end up going up and down the bench stopping in front of each receiver and saying, "Catch the ball when I throw it to you, Donkey!" I hope it's not too late. Oh, I don't mean like, "it's too late for the team to pull it together and start winning some games." It's not too late for that. I mean like, "it's too late to even contend for a wild card spot, because the NFC East is going to take both, and we're already too far behind."

So do I think we win this game? Um, yes. Did you miss the part about the 49ers being 2-3 in the NFC WEST above? Or the fact that they're currently playing JT O'Sullivan at QB?

But this entry should have read nothing more than:
Eagles/49ers: Eagles.
And we're not there. No way.

Bengals/Jets: Jets. Bengals suck. 0-6, here we come. Bet they're counting the minutes until the bye week in Cincinnati.

Raiders/Saints: Saints. The Raiders also suck, and they've been with their new head coach for, like, a minute. Also, Tom Cable is an UPGRADE?

Ravens/Colts: How are you feeling Peyton? Good? Knee's doing better? Enjoy it now, because Monday morning, you're not going to be able to get out of bed. Ravens. Who may give Peyton back in pieces. (Also, the more I look at it, the more I conclude that there is NO WAY Reggie Wayne had both feet down on that game winning TD last week. Which I pointed out on Chicks Talkin' Trash, although I confused Joseph Addai and Reggie Wayne. Bad Snark! No donut!)

Redskins/Rams: Skins. I think it's time to start a pool: which will be the last winless team? Bengals, Rams, Texans, and Lions are your choices. No way is it the Texans. I'm thinking the Rams are looking like the winners/losers here.

Dolphins/Texans: Of course, the Texans won't challenge this week, I don't think. Unless they tie Ronnie Brown's shoelaces together. Dolphins.

Bears/Falcons: This should be a good game. I'm going with the Bears on a hunch, but this one could do either way.

Lions/Vikings: OK, the Vikings got lucky over the Saints, but it's not going to take luck this week. All it will take is showing up at the right time and place and in uniform. And honestly, they probably don't even need the WHOLE team. Just a quorum. Vikings.

Panthers/Buccaneers: My sleeper pick for wildcard is looking good (actually, they're looking so good, they're looking like serious division contenders)! And Jeff's strapping on the pads again Sunday. Panthers.

Jaguars/Broncos: The stats say Broncos, but I'm going with the Jags as my upset pick of the week.

Packers/Seahawks: Packers, even if ARodg is hurt. Yes, the Seahawks are THAT bad.

Cowboys/Cardinals: Sigh. Cowboys.

Patriots/Chargers: Wow, when they were setting the schedules for 2008, this probably sounded like a great matchup - Patriots/Chargers on Sunday Night Football! Week 6! Woo-hoo! Yeah, now I probably won't even stay up to see the end of the game.

Giants/Browns: Sigh again. Giants. At least I have early evening plans so I won't have to watch the entire game.

BYE: Bills (who will use the downtime to try to help Trent Edwards find his head, which got knocked off last week), Chiefs (who will use the downtime to try to figure out how to dig themselves out of their 1-4 start or if it makes more sense to phone in the rest of the season and snag the top draft pick), Steelers (who will use the downtime to try to get everyone healthy and learn how to stop SOMEONE...ANYONE from hitting Ol' Groceries), Titans (who will use the downtime praying that Vince Young stays injured)

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