06 October 2008

2008 Week 5 Recap

Eagles v. Redskins, Sunday, October 5,2008

In attendance: Chef Spouse, Shoegal, Ex-Navy Cheesehead (Steelers Transplant was over in the am for brunch after running the Army 10 Miler, but had to leave before gametime. So he was spared watching the craptocity.)

Menu: Ex-Navy Cheesehead brought over some shrimp and crudities, and Chef Spouse made his famous cream of tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. The miracle is that I managed to stay out of the tequila.

Stud of the Week: Well, that didn't take long. Yes, Mr. Saverio Rocca was the only consistent performer all game.

Well, that was THE SUCK. F-ing Greg Lewis. The Idiot Twins (aka Troy Aikman and Joe Buck, who are now officially nicknamed) called out D-Mac for not doing enough to "pump up" the offense. Um, what's he supposed to do? Go up and down the bench when the offense is off-field stopping in front of each receiver and saying, "Catch the ball when I throw it to you, Donkey!"?

Also, LJ Smith. F-ing LJ Smith.

You know, the thing is, our first drive was poetry. And after that, um, prose? Bad prose. Danielle Steele prose. Fabio's-on-the-cover-romance-novel level prose. Our offense died right after DeSean's punt return TD that would've been called back had the zebras not gotten their #50s confused.

And once again, we couldn't make the big plays on D when we needed them. Anybody know where Asante Samuel went? I mean, I see a guy on the field wearing number 22, but it sure doesn't look like the Asante I remember.

Domo gave the overall game a D. I think he must be grading on a curve.

And, to add injury to insult, West36 fractured ribs on Sunday. Well, that just caps it. goeagles99 doesn't think we should panic (yet - and he does point out one of our major continuing issues, which is inconsistent commitment to the run, leaving the opposing teams' defenses way too fresh at the end of the game), but I'm calling it: this is the death-knell of our season. 2-3 wouldn't be disastrous in any other division, but in the NFC East and no BWest until his ribs heal? It may be over already, baby, unless the other teams stumble on their own. Now that TO's started his usual bullshit, that might happen the Cowboys (please God!), and Giants aren't all that (see below), but honestly, we should be WAY worried about the Redskins.

On a happier note, congrats to the Phillies, who go on to face the Dodgers in the NLCS.

Around the rest of the NFL...

Dolphins over the Chargers: Told ya! That direct snap to Ronnie Brown is working out REALLY well for the Fins this season. They may not even need a QB.

Titans over Ravens: And I'm right again! Also, this was the smash-mouth game everyone expected. Also, that was not roughing the passer on Terrell Suggs. His forearm bounced off Kerry Collins' shoulder pads. I know I complain about the officiating pretty much every week, but honestly. These guys are paid to be able to spot stuff like this. It's not THAT hard! And had that horrible call not gone through, probably a Ravens win.

Bears over Lions: And again! (OK, this one was a gimme.)

Giants over Seahawks: And again! (Also another gimme.) When do the Giants have to play an actual team? Sure, they're 4-0, but the Skins started slow (the season, games, whatever), and since then, they've faced the Rams, the Bengals, and the Seahawks, 3 teams with a combined record of 1-11. And next week, they play the frappin' BROWNS! Who are 1-3! Does this seem unfair to anyone but me? Shouldn't the defending champs have to play a team with a winning record at SOME point?

Panthers over Chiefs: And again! As I pointed out to Ex-Navy Cheesehead early in the 1 pm games, the question in this contest won't be who wins, it will be, will the Chiefs score any points at all? Answer: no. That's a shame.

Falcons over Packers: I got this one right, too, but that was more a hunch than anything else. Matt Ryan was finally able to win one on the road, though. And I think ARodg is more hurt than the Pack is letting on. And losing Al Harris certainly hasn't helped things at Lambeau. The Bears just might step back up to the head of the NFC North this year.

Cowboys over Bengals: I didn't want to be right about this one, and the Bengals did show signs of life in the second half. Unfortunately, they really are that bad, and despite the Cowboys' many mistakes, the Bengals couldn't capitalize. Sound like any(Eagles)one (versus Bears) you know?

Broncos over Bucs: Called this one, too. So apparently, Brian Griese really is that important. And Jeff Garcia really is done. And the Broncos vaunted offense might not be worthy of all the hype (ours either). But the Chiefs thing was apparently an aberration, as I suspected.

Colts over Texans: OK, I did NOT call this one right, but in all fairness, I had it through 57 minutes of football, until the Texans pretty much imploded on the field. For God's sake, all they had to do was, oh, I don't know, NOT TURN THE BALL OVER THREE TIMES IN FOUR MINUTES. Doesn't seem too much to ask, but apparently it was. But when your QB is named after an herb, that's not a good sign.

Pats over 49ers: The 49ers gave the Pats a run for their money, at least in the first half. Matt Cassel really isn't that good, and he and Randy Moss mostly don't really seem to be on the same page, and in the end, it didn't matter. Yes, the NFC West really is THAT bad. Except....

Cardinals over Bills: WTF? Seriously. Trent Edwards is critical? Whisenhunt seemed to have the AFC North's number last year, even if his Cards couldn't beat anyone else, but is he moving on to the AFC East? What happened?

Steelers over Jaguars: At the LAST minute. Exciting game, though. Big Ben's been sacked so many times this year, they're going to have to change his nickname to "Groceries." I think JMad has a little man crush on David Garrard. He must've talked about his calves for a full minute. Isn't that sweet?

Saints/Vikings: Game's about to start, dinner's ready, and there's a cocktail waiting for me. Check you tomorrow on Chicks Talkin' Trash. Geaux Saints!

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