02 October 2008

2008 Week 5 Picks

I'm sitting here, Veep debate on the telly, Gibson in hand (because this seems like it's going to require large quantities of alcohol), ready to dish week 5 of the 2008 season.

Let's kick it off with...Eagles/Skins. How the worm has turned. This game is important for the Skins, critical for us. Shaun Springs is out - good for us. Westy may be out, too - good for them. We're playing in Philly - good for us. The Skins just beat Dallas - maybe good for us. Could the Skins be in for a letdown? We've shown that we can bring the hot offense, we've shown that we can shut good teams down on defense - we haven't been able to do both in the same game yet, but...

"Good teams find ways to win close games." Sure, but that's circular logic. What other type of games to win is there? Not close games, aka "blowouts." And either way, you're winning. Which is generally considered to be a reliable measure of good teams.

What's my point? I'm not really sure, other than I'm way more worried about Sunday than I thought I'd be a month ago. The NFC East is HARD, dog!

I'm hoping for a win Sunday, but, frankly, I'm worried.

Titans/Ravens: Damn, this should be a good game. Who would've thought Kerry Collins would lead the Titans to the top of the AFC South, four weeks into the season? And, despite their OT loss to the Steelers in week 4, the Ravens are looking good this year. Were our game not running opposite, this is THE GAME I would watch at 1 pm. I think Titans will win it, but I also think it's going to be a GREAT game. This one might be worth TiVoing.

Chiefs/Panthers: This one won't. Panthers.

Bears/Lions: Nor will this. Bears.

Falcons/Packers: Will ARodg play? Unknown at this point. And Al Harris is done for the year. And Matt Ryan hasn't looked as brilliant lately. Of course, the Packers are leading NFC North at 2-2, and the Falcons are at the bottom of the NFC South at 2-2. And I would say that, at least at this point, NFC South is a tougher division. So that means Falcons. I think.

Colts/Texans: Hm - so how did the early bye serve Peyton's sore knee? The Texans are 0-3, but playing well, and the Colts...I'm going with the Texans, as my upset pick. Also, I think the balance of power in the AFC South may be shifting...south.

Chargers/Dolphins: A month ago, would there have been any doubt about a Chargers win? No. Now? I'm going with another upset pick - Dolphins. Hey Ricky stayed off the ganga in the bye week - that has to be a good sign!

Seahawks/Giants: The Giants are not all that. The Seahawks are the suck in the NFC West. Another Giants win? You know it!

Buccaneers/Broncos: Another interesting game. The Broncos have had a hot offense. Until they lost to the Chiefs (oh, the humanity!). The Buccaneers have...Brian Griese. Who wasn't good enough to QB in Chicago. Yeah, I think the Broncos get their sexy back this week.

Bills/Cardinals: Bills. Don't even bother to watch this. There's no point

Bengals/Cowboys: Chad Ocho Cinco Johnson is pissed about the Bengals 0-4 start. Prepare to get more pissed, Ocho. Because you're going to 0-5. Cowboys.

Patriots/49ers: I don't think the Pats have sunk so low that they'll lose to the 49ers. But you never know. Pats.

Steelers/Jaguars: Now this is what I call a Sunday night game! Steelers, but I think it's going to be a BATTLE.

Saints/Vikings: Saints, baby!

BYE: Browns, Jets, Raiders (who will use the time to adjust to their new coach), Rams (likewise, and not that it's likely to either team much good)

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