30 October 2008

2008 Season - Midterms

Here we are at the midpoint of the season: 8 games played, 8 games to play. The picture that is the 2008 season is coming into focus.

There have been some nice surprises: the Titans, the Redskins new head coach Jim Zorn, the success of the Wildcat offense, the Bills, Aaron Rodgers, Matt Ryan, Kyle Orton, and last, but certainly not least, Peanut.

There have been some nasty surprises: Tom Brady's injury, the Browns, the Chargers, the Saints (sorry Nola - I expected better), the Cowboys falling apart (the surprise, given their cast of characters, is that it didn't happen sooner), Alex Smith, Dante Culpepper, Tyler Thigpen,

And there have been some absolutely no surprise at alls: the Lions still suck, so do the Bengals, Al Davis is still INSANE, Brett Favre refused to ACTUALLY retire and go away, and the NFC West is still the Worst Division in Football and Many Other Professional Sports, Including Curling. I'm pretty sure the Nats, professional baseball's answer to the Bad News Bears, could beat most of the teams in the NFC West.

So we find ourselves at the midpoint with some of the perennial teams at the top (Steelers, Bears, Pats), some surprises (Titans, Cardinals, Panthers), and some shocking absences (Chargers, Seahawks, Colts, and, at least for me and always, Eagles).

So let's see how my picks are doing so far:

AFC East: Patriots. Hanging on, but by a thread.
AFC North: Browns. Uh, no. Not impossible, but looking pretty damn unlikely.
AFC South: Jaguars. Damn, picked the Titans one year too early. I was right about the Colts, though!
AFC West: Chargers. To be fair, EVERYONE picked the Chargers. Who knew they'd fall apart like a cheap pair of shoes in the rain?
NFC East: Eagles. We're still in the wildcard race, because, once again, the two wildcard teams *will* come from the NFC East. But it would be REALLY helpful if the Cowboys could keep up their ridiculous antics. Odds? 1.
NFC North: Vikings. Hm. They are only 1 game back, but the Bears and Packers are both looking way better than I expected.
NFC South: Saints. Damn.
NFC West: Seahawks. I FINALLY pick them, and they decide to crumple NOW. Sheesh.

For those of you keeping count, that means I'm 1 for 8. .125. That's not good. Lots of football still to play, but a lot of the teams that are rising to the top of their divisions are looking pretty damn solid. Once again, it looks like I'm getting my ass kicked by my divisional picks.

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