10 September 2008

Vince Young...

Is a big, whiny baby.

D-Mac is not.

So you threw an interception and the fans booed? You're supposed to be an adult - and a professional. As my friend C the Lawyer Lady is fond of saying, "Put on your big girl panties and deal."

Let me quote the AP article from this morning:

Felicia Young [Vince's mommy] said in Wednesday editions of The Tennessean that her son is tired of all the negativity he's faced after being booed during a 17-10 win Sunday over Jacksonville. On Monday, Titans coach Jeff Fisher called police to help find him.

"What would you think, if you were tired of being ridiculed and persecuted and talked about and not being treated very well, what would you do? What kind of decision would you make?"

I can't even believe the ridiculousness. And people boo McNabb, who has the best TD/INT ratio in the history of the NFL. People have been booing him since he was 21 and was the Eagles top draft pick. The Times is right - we are crazy.

And Vince Young needs to grow the hell up.


Ed Lamb said...

The one question I have about the whole Vince Young situation is this: Say VY has a legitimate psychological disorder, like Ricky Williams with his pathological shyness. How is shining a huge honking spotlight on someone whose very problem is with having a spotlight shined on him going to help the situation?

I think all the sportswriters and TV analysts should be convicted of stalking and sentenced to one solid week each of public humiliation for the way they've handled this whole VY meltdown.

Anonymous said...

Not disputing your whole "taste of your own medicine" theory (OTOH, have you *seen* Tony Kornheiser? Who would *want* to stalk him?), but Vince did state publicly that he's fine, sooo.....