25 September 2008

2008 Week 4 Picks

Eagles/Bears: Whew! I sure am looking forward to October, when our schedule gets a little easier. Who would've thought a Bears team captained by Kyle Orton would seem like an obstacle? But there you have it - the resurgent Bears look pretty good this year. If we have Westy and they don't have Hester, it's in the bag. The reverse? A little more dicey. I believe we're about the enter the portion of the season known as, "Brian Westbrook, who was a game time decision, didn't practice once all week and then TORE UP on the field Sunday." In other words, another normal season for the Eagles. McNabb is apparently still sore, too, but plans to play. Because, you know, he plays with a broken ankle. Or a sports hernia. Or a barely healed ACL tear. Unlike some Peyton Mannings I could name who look like shit now that they've actually had to deal with an injury in their careers.

Chef Spouse was heard to wonder why on earth, given last year, the Eagles/Bears matchup would've merited the Sunday Night Football spot. Who knows, but now it's looking like genius.

We've shown that we can stand up to a hot offense. We've shown that we can put points up on a tough defense. Sav Rocca's turning out to be a REALLY good bet. Even if Hester's back, Sav might be able to handle him. And if our O gets our game on, there won't be punts anyway. And Akers will just kick through the end zone.

Do you feel that, Eagles fans? It's called hope. Which is dangerous. Particularly in Philly sports (I write, as the Phillies have a 1 1/2 game lead over the Mets going into the final series of the regular season). But I think our boys will be able to stay focused, not least because they need to keep pace with the Cowboys and Giants. I'm thinking we win our second prime time matchup of the 2008 season, and the few doubters who remain have to admit that the Eagles are back.

Falcons/Panthers: Must win game for both teams. Despite their loss last week to the Vikings, I'm picking the Panthers. Steve Smith is back, and that has to mean something, right?

Browns/Bengals: Another must win game for both teams. How can it not be the Browns? I don't know, but the Bengals did almost knock off the Giants last week (who, I think, are a much weaker team than their 3-0 record would indicate). Both of these teams are desperate for a win, and man, have the Browns been a disappointment so far. Look for a Browns win, or a major team overhaul.

Texans/Jaguars: You know, the Texans are not a bad team this year. Much like the Redskins, they're just suffering from playing in a tough division. Put them somewhere else, like either conference's West division, and it would be a COMPLETELY different story. Jags.

Broncos/Chiefs: This is going to be ugly. The real question is: will the Broncos score 40 points in the first quarter? The other big question is: how long will Mike Shanahan go before he takes Jay Cutler out in favor of...Patrick Ramsey (had to look that up). Broncos.

49ers/Saints: The Saints need to get their season back on track. Fortunately, that should be pretty easy to do against the 49ers. Saints.

Cardinals/Jets: The Cardinals have been looking OK so far this year. Hell, they're on top of the NFC West. And Vicodin Boy rolled his ankle losing to the Chargers on Monday and might not play, leaving the Jets with...Kellen Clemens. (Really? Kellen Clemens? Oy.) Yep, Jets.

Packers/Buccaneers: This should be a good game. My gut says Bucs, so...Bucs. But ARodg could pull this one out. It will be harder without Al Harris. What is with the spleen problems? First Chris Simms, now Al. Feel better soon, man!

Vikings/Titans: Titans. Bet Jeff Fox is in NO hurry to get Mr. Whiny Pants back.

Chargers/Raiders: The Chargers extend their winning streak to 2!

Bills/Rams: The Bills extend theirs to 4!

Skins/Cowboys: As much as I would love to see someone beat the Cowboys, it ain't gonna be this week. Sigh. Cowboys. But good luck, Skins! PLEASE prove me wrong!

Ravens/Steelers: MNF, baby, and this is going to be a GOOD game. I think the Steelers rebound from their loss to us and pull this one out, but it's not going to be an easy win. Make sure you tune in to Chicks Talkin' Trash before the game.

Byes: Colts, Pats, Dolphins, Giants, Lions, and Seahawks.


Ed Lamb said...

Obligatory annual joke:

"I hear bye is getting 7 points against the Lions."

Anonymous said...

It was 14 before they fired Millen.

We're here all week - don't forget to tip your waiters!

Anonymous said...

You asked for the Skins to prove you wrong... and we deliver! You're welcome!

Anonymous said...

No matter what else happens, any time the Cowboys lose, it's a good day. (Could've been better, but I'll have more to say about that in the recap.)