19 September 2008

2008 Week 3 Picks

Keystone Bowl week!

Eagles/Steelers: I really don't have a good sense of how this game is going to go. I'm confident that our offense can put up points, even against the Steelers' stout defense. But what's our D going to do? We completely shut down the Rams, but that was the Rams. We completely did NOT shut down the Cowboys. But they have a HIGHLY ranked offense, so most teams don't have a lot of luck shutting them down. They scored more points on us than they did the Browns, but then again, we scored WAY more points on them than the Browns did.

The Steelers are 2-0. They dominated the Texans, and, while they didn't exactly dominate the Browns, the outcome of the game was never really in question. Does the old AFC/NFC rule come into play? I'm not so sure - many, myself included, think the NFC East has regained our rightful place as the toughest division in football.

I don't want to go 1-2. Not that it's the ruination of our season or anything, but I don't want to drop that far behind the rest of the NFC East pack, as at least the Giants and Skins will win this week. We'll need to bring our A game, but I suspect that's just what we're going to do. I'm calling Eagles, but that's more hope than certainty.

Chiefs/Falcons: The Falcons opener may have been luck and Lord knows they looked pretty poor against the Bucs last week. But the Chiefs lost to the Raiders. THE RAIDERS. Falcons (sorry, Herm).

Raiders/Bills: And the Raiders' streak ends at 1! (Have they had a longer winning streak than 1 in the last 10 years?) Bills.

Bucs/Bears: Griese. Orton. Not exactly the Clash of the Titans (that's below). And Devin Hester may or may not be hurt. The one thing they do have in common - other than kinda crappy QBs - is losing to the NFC South (Saints and Panthers, respectively). I don't know what that means. Probably nothing. I'm picking Bears. Unless Hester's out. Then it's anyone's guess.

Panthers/Vikings: My NFC North pick is not getting off to a good start, and it's not going to get any better for them this week, Gus Frerotte or no Gus Frerotte. Gus is going to become the new Vinny Testaverde, ifBrett Favre doesn't beat him to it. But I digress. Panthers.

Dolphins/Pats: The wheels might be about to come off the Pats season, but not this week. The Dolphins don't even know where their wheels ARE. I'm not even sure they ever had any wheels. Pats.

Bengals/Giants: How do the defending champs get to play the Bengals? That just seems unfair. And by unfair, I mean mostly to us, because that gives them a leg up in the division. Damn. Giants.

Texans/Titans: Titans. Not that this will be a big clash either, but Titans.

Cardinals/Skins: Skins. Zorn's having a little trouble adjusting to his new job, but not that hard. The Cards are just not good.

Saints/Broncos: Is Ed Hochuli refereeing this game? Because if not, the Saints might manage to pull off a win. If he is, they're screwed. Saints.

Lions/49ers: Worst Game of the Week.

Rams/Seahawks: Wait! THIS is the Worst Game of the Week. Notice the common thread? Yes, it would be the NFC WEST (well, and the Lions).

Browns/Ravens: Man, are my picks letting me down. Sigh. The Ravens have had an unintentionally long rest (like the Texans and thanks to Hurricane Ike). I don't think they would've needed it, but they got it. Ryan's rookie outing may have been a fluke. We'll see about Flacco on Sunday, but I have a good feeling. Ravens.

Jaguars/Colts: Jags, if you're going to right the ship, this is the time. You go down to the Colts and go to 0-3, it might be curtains for your season. Your division is too tough. You know, it's really tough to get anywhere without a solid O-line. Which the Jags do not have. The Colts have been struggling so far, too, but I think they're about to right their season. This is what I get for trying to be clever with my picks. Colts.

Cowboys/Packers: Before the season, I would've said no way Rookie Rodgers and the Brett-bereft Packers had a chance. Now? I'm calling Packers in an upset, particularly since they're playing at Lambeau. Remember guys, if you can hit Tonyboy a few times, it will turn into a pick-a-palooza. Have fun!

Jets/Chargers: Who's more desperate at this point? I'm going with Chargers, both for the desperation and for the win.

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