16 September 2008

2008 Week 2 Recap

Eagles at Cowboys, Monday, September 15, 2008

In attendance: Even though it was a Monday night, we had a full house - Chef Spouse and I hosted Shoegal, Ex-Navy Cheesehead, and Steelers Transplant.

Menu: Steaks, Steerlers Transplant's killer mashed potatoes, broccoli, homemade strawberry shortcake. Shoegal contributed some very nice wines, and Ex-Navy Cheesehead brought along a great bottle of tequila we'll be enjoying all season.

Stud of the Game: My boy D-Mac, who passed Jaws on the all time TD list and had a great game (aside from the muffed handoff to West36).

OK, first of all, I'm going out on a limb: BEST. GAME. OF. THE. YEAR. I'm hoarse today, and the whole crew stayed until the game was over, at midnight ON A SCHOOL NIGHT. I don't even know how long it took me to fall asleep after.

Secondly, what Scrapple said. D-Mac looked great. D-Fense looked like ass. Is it over for Dawkins? Well, let's just say I'm glad I got Chef Spouse his Wolverine jersey for Christmas last yaer, since I'm not sure how much longer they'll be available.

The thing is, neither defense could stop the other team, right up until our last two drives, anyway. What was the most inexplicable to me, though, was JJ's defensive schemes. Why did we not pressure Tonyboy more? The few times we did he, predictably, lost it and made his usual completely dumb-ass mistakes. I believe I even saw him wiping his eyes on the sideline after the boneheaded fumble in the endzone. Just dust, I'm sure.

And what was the story with the coverage, or rather lack thereof, of Captain ME!? How do you let TO get behind you? Seriously. That should NEVER happen. Also, dear Asante Samuel: we paid you, like, twelve billion dollars. One INT? I'm expecting WAY more, buddy.

Speaking of WAY more, West36 is officially my Secret Running Back Boyfriend. Could he be any more awesome? How does someone who's like 5' 6" leap the entire pile for the TD? I do not know, but I'd even waive my "you must be this tall to ride this ride" rule for him.

One thing I was really pleased about was how clean a game we played. In case you hadn't noticed, we occasionally shoot ourselves in the foot with penalties. OK, more than occasionally. OK, most weeks. Not last night. Only 5 penalties for only 44 yards (and one of them was a BS 15 yard personal foul when the Cowboys had a major false start and Trent Cole came across and ran into Tony Curtis). The officiating was not brilliant, but, as the Chargers would attest, it could've been worse. At least the officiating errors last night didn't directly cost us the game.

Oh, and DeSean? I'm guessing you're going to have a rough week, rookie. Can you spell "hazing"? I think you can. You're the hotness, but don't let it go to your head there, homes.

One more interesting idea: is Shawn Andrews the key to the Eagles' offense (shout out to Eaglesville)? Not only did the 'Boys D get to D-Mac a lot more in the second half (after The Big Kid went out with back spasms) (and thank God Big 5 has his mobility back), we scored 30 points in the first half and only 7 in the second. That looks pretty key to me.

Also, what was the deal with that hook-and-ladder ridiculousness? Marty, that only works in high school and football movies. This is REALITY, dude. It's called send a receiver out 20 and let D-Mac get the ball to him. Hook and ladder? Give me a break, man.

Finally, the pundits are summarizing it well: the Eagles perpetual problem is staying healthy. The Cowboys perpetual problem is arrogance. And my Secret Sportswriter Boyfriend lays out why y'all should be on The Big Green Bandwagon, even after last night. We might've lost, but it's ON in the NFC East this season, baby!

Around the rest of the NFL...

Panthers over Bears - I'm sorry I missed this game, but my damn expensive Sunday Ticket Super Fan Package couldn't pull in the HD signal, so I recorded three hours of "Searching For Signal." Think it will be on NFL Replay?

Titans over Bengals - Um, duh. I could QB the Titans and they'd probably still beat the Bengals. Chad, Chad, Chad: wouldn't you like to play in Philly? C'mon, baby.

Packers over Lions - The surprising thing is that the Lions managed to hang in there for three quarters. And then the Packers scored 24 points in the final quarter, many off stupid turnovers. The Lions are pathetic. Also, they may have a little problem with focus.

Bills over Jaguars - I'm starting to regret picking the Jags for AFC South. Of course, the Bills are looking pretty decent, too. But still, Jags, the only reason I'm staying with you is the Colts look bad, too, and I don't think the Titans have it in them. Vince Young's too busy navel-gazing to play football.

Raiders over Chiefs - Whatevs. Hey, at least the Raiders won a game!

Colts over Vikings - And it's Colts, with the suck. What is wrong with Peyton? Why did I pick the Vikings to win the NFC North? Anyone? Anyone?

Giants over Rams - Yeah, well, we beat them EVEN WORSE than you did, so there!

Redskins over Saints - I know exactly what happened in this game. It was a BILLION degrees in DC Sunday, and if you look at the time of possession, you will notice that the Saints are lucky their D didn't SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUST on the field in the fourth quarter.

49ers over Seahawks - Have I mentioned lately how bad the NFC West sucks? Who's QBing in San Fran these days? Who the hell is JT O'Sullivan anyway?

Bucs over Falcons - OK, maybe last week was a fluke for Matt Ryan. Hope Jeff Garcia gets to start again, but since Brian Griese won, who knows?

Cardinals over Dolphins - Y'all lost to the CARDINALS? Oh right - it's the Dolphins. Yeah, the Tuna has a lot of work to do down there. How does burning it all to the ground and salting the earth sound to you? Thursday? Thursday's good for me. I'll bring the lighter fluid.

Broncos over Chargers - Everyone is giving Ed Hochuli shit for that disastrous call at the end of the game. Well, I'm piling on, too. Bad officiating happens all the time, but rarely does it DIRECTLY and OBVIOUSLY cost a team the game. And in the post-game, Mike Shanahan was all, "bad officiating happens and you have to find a way to win anyway." Whatever, dude. Your team did NOT deserve to win that game and Eddie Guns handed you a victory. On a platter. With a side of fries. Be grateful, because it gets harder from here.

Pats over Jets - Ah, the reapperance of Bad Brett. Just in time to NOT topple the hobbled Pats. Bugger.

Steelers over Browns - That was not exactly an offensive battle razzle-dazzle game. Next Sunday is going to be interesting. I have to confess that I did actually fall asleep on the couch during the fourth quarter. Hey, the Sunday crowd (Steelers Transplant and California Football nOOb) had gone home and nothing was happening.

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