12 September 2008

2008 Week 2 Picks

Eagles/Cowboys: This is going to be a bellweather game. Don't kid yourself. All the hype? Not nearly enough hype. Most of the sports bloviators are calling the NFC to go Eagles, Cowboys, or Saints. The Eagles looked smokin' hot against the Rams. But the Rams suck. Mark Bulger played like he'd taken a double hit of Xanax. The Cowboys looked good against the Browns, who I called to win the tough AFC North (in retrospect, that may have been a mistake). This game could go either way, and either way, it's going to tell us a lot about how the NFC will shake out this year. For once, the schedulers have done a great job, putting a hot game in the prime MNF timeslot. I'm calling Eagles, but I'm betting I'm going to be on the edge of my seat the whole night. This game is going to be so good, Chef Spouse is coming home early from a guys' camping weekend to see it.

Packers/Lions: Aaron Rodgers, World's Oldest Rookie, looked pretty good in his first start. Week 1 was a good week for all the rookies for that matter. And much as I like Jon Kitna, the Lions are just not good. Packers.

Giants/Rams: And the Rams go to 0-2. Giants.

Saints/Redskins: The Saints are without the services of Marques Colston, which is a problem, I'll admit. But I still think they can take the Skins. Saints.

Bills/Jaguars: If the Bills can put up an effort like they did last week, Bills. But I did call the Jags to win AFC South, which is a much tougher division. Oy. In retrospect, some of my divisional picks are already looking pretty damn stupid. Oh well, too late for that now. I guess I need to pick the Jags, but it's not easy.

Titans/Bengals: Did I mention lately that Vince Young is a big baby? And Kerry Collins sucks? And Chris Simms has been a Titan for, like, 2 seconds. Won't matter. Sorry Ocho Cinco, I'm calling the Titans.

Raiders/Chiefs: Ouch. Chiefs. Yes, the Raiders are really that bad. Still.

Colts/Vikings: Yeah, I might've been wrong in picking the Vikings to win NFC North. On the other hand, Tavaris Jackson looked pretty decent, if his receivers could just start actually, you know, catching the ball. But still, Colts. Even without Jeff Saturday and with Peyton Manning looking really damn shaky on Sunday night..

Bears/Panthers: Hmmm. This could be quite a good game. The Panthers shocked the Chargers last week, while the Bears shocked the Colts. I'm going with the Panthers, but this one could go either way.

Falcons/Buccaneers: This could also be quite a good game. Matt Ryan had a hell of a debut, but I think the Bucs will pull this one out.

49ers/Seahawks: Have I mentioned lately that the Seahawks should thank The Powers That Be (aka Roger Goodall) on their knees every day that they play in the NFC West? Seahawks.

Chargers/Broncos: Man, before the season started, I would've said Chargers no doubt. Now, I'm not so sure. On the other hand, the Broncos looked great AGAINST THE RAIDERS. Yeah, Chargers.

Patriots/Jets: Jets. Time to pay the piper.

Dolphins/Cardinals: Oy. Worst Game of the Week.

Ravens/Texans: Talk about another hot rookie! Can Joe Flacco make it two? Yes, I think he can. Ravens.

Steelers/Browns: I did call the Browns to win the division. Sigh. Did I mention that some of my divisional picks are already looking insane? I think this might be the earliest ever in a season I've thought about abandoning picks. I'm going with the Browns, but if y'all screw up again, you're dead to me.

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