08 September 2008

2008 Week 1 Recap

Eagles v. Rams, Sunday, September 7, 2008

In attendance: Just Shoegal, Chef Spouse, and me. Ex-Navy Cheesehead was visiting his pops, Steeley McMeow moved back to Blitzburgh over the summer, and Steelers Transplant was at the Steelers/Texans game.

Menu: chips, the Famous Guac, salsa, fajitas and, of course, BEER! And shots of good bourbon to celebrate our first win of 2008 (because it is National Bourbon Heritage Month, so drink up, people!). Quote from Chef Spouse: "The new kitchen is fabulous!" Also, "I'm rooting for Aaron Rodgers." So much for my Vikings pick (and I will post some photos of the new cucina shortly).

Yes, our first win. And boy, was it pretty. I know, before we get all excited (Mr. Tiki Barber, I'm looking at you re: DeSean Jackson and Rookie of the Year), the Rams barely even resemble an actual football team. Mark Bulger didn't seem to realize that the SEASON STARTED. YESTERDAY. Yo, dude, catch up!

But I really can't even snark our team this week. They played just about perfect on all fronts. McNabb (barring something amazing in the MNF double header) threw for the most yards of any QB in week 1, taking the lead in the TD/INT ratio. And he didn't even play for most of the 4th quarter! Three Eagles receivers (Hank Baskett, DeSean Jackson, and Greg Lewis) went over 100 yards in one game for the first time since Tommy McDonald was playing. The D stopped the Rams 11 times on 3rd down. The Rams only put up 3 points, and that not until the 4th quarter. Because we, you know, felt sorry for them. The only thing that was missing was some defensive take-aways. But give Asante a little time...like 8 days.

So let's talk about Mr. Jackson for a moment. First rookie WR to start for the Eagles on opening day since Buddy Ryan. He was definitely still thinking "college ball" on the kickoff and punt returns for the first half. Of course, he was still leagues better than JR Reed. But he figured it out amazingly fast. And let's talk hands! At least two AMAZING catches where the defender had hands between DeSean's chest and the ball, and DeSean HELD ONTO BOTH. Um, Eagles receivers. Y'all have been put on notice.

But the real early season test comes next Monday night, when we face the Cowboys, who looked damn good against the Browns(who, you'll recall, I picked to win the AFC North), at Texas Stadium.

One final note on our game: it's the 2-minute warning. Kevin Kolb's been playing for most of the 4th quarter, along with the rest of the second team offense. And defense. We're still moving the ball well, and stopping the Rams effectively. We're in possession inside the Rams' 15. And we knee it out. Pure class. We already beat you like a redheaded stepchild. We're not going to rub salt in the wounds, unlike some (Belechick) teams (Patriots) I could mention. More on that later.

Around the rest of the NFL....

Giants over Redskins. The Skins looked BAD. Does Zorn realize he's HEAD COACH? He might want to, you know, pay attention or something. They were terrible. The Giants weren't much better. I've been lurking on some Giants boards, and the fans are all "oh, they were being nice because they felt bad for the Redskins, who were having a rough night." RIGHT. After the first drive - which did look good - the Giants CHOSE not to get in the end zone for the rest of the game. SURE. It was INTENTIONAL. Because they're such UPSTANDING YOUNG MEN. Sorry, not buying it. Not even it it's on sale.

Bills over Seahakws. Um, now that Rocks Brady appears to be out for the season, the AFC East is wide open. And the Bills looked pretty damn good yesterday.

Jets over Dolphins. So did the Brett Favres. Oh wait, I mean the Jets. Because there are FIFTY TWO OTHER PLAYERS, YOU KNOW. And they were playing the Dolphins. Who will not win the division. You heard it here first.

Steelers over Texans. The Texans have been the pundits' sexy pick. Hmmmm...told you so. (Shut up about the Browns, aight? It was ONE game.)

Saints over Bucs. As I called it, and as I pointed out, God owed them one. But that was a MUCH closer game than I expected. $10 says it's on NFL Replay this week. Any takers?

Falcons over Lions. DAY-UM. Look who found themselves a QB! So the Falcons problem was Mike Vick all these years. You might as well stay in jail, homes, because no one is going to want you. Also? First pass in the NFL is a TD? Crazy.

Titans over Jags. Hm. Well, the AFC South is a tough division. But the Titans lost Vince Young in the win. Then again, they might not be that upset about it.

Ravens over Bengals. Look who ELSE found themselves a QB! Also, the Bengals are in chaos. Like normal. Maybe I should only mention them when things are NOT in chaos? But then I'd never be able to talk about the Bengals and, my favorite, Chad Ocho Cinco.

Pats over Chiefs. Pyrrhic victory (look it up). Belechick: knock, knock. Who's there? Satan. And he's looking to collect. Let's see how you do with an injured starting QB. Also, let's see how well Rocks Brady is able to recover from his first major injury. Also, Super Bowl losers' curse. Also: HA! Yes, I'm a bad person. Yes, I'm probably going to hell. I DON'T CARE.

Cardinals over 49ers. Whatever. Could the NFC West suck any more? The Seahawks looked terrible against the Bills, and they'll STILL win the division.

Panthers over Chargers. Jake Delhomme is BACK, baby. Also, MY sexy pick is looking pretty damn sexy, isn't it? How you like me NOW?

Cowboys over Browns. Oy. I really don't want the Cowboys to be good this year. Or any year. With a little luck, we'll crush their dreams next week. And then again during the holidays. And Tonyboy will cry. Because that's my FAVORITE.

Bears over Colts. Also, shocker of the week. Even J.Mad. was stunned. Sure, Peyton missed the entire off-season due to injury. But losing to the Bears? To Kyle Orton? When Devin Hester wasn't really a factor? Maybe the Colts' long day in the sun is coming to an end. Or Peyton could pull it back together next week. You never know.

Vikings/Packers. I'm posting this before the end of the game (obvs.), but Aaron Rodgers is looking like vintage, um, Brett Favre. That first TD pass was vintage Favre. VINTAGE. In the bad way.

Broncos/Raiders. I could pretend that I'm going to stay up to see this, but really, I'm not. In my defense, I have to present on social networking and HR policy at a 7:30 am breakfast meeting tomorrow. But also, the Raiders suck. And the Broncos aren't much better.

Edited Monday, September 8, 2008 at 10:05 pm to add: Chef Spouse pointed out that I should add a feature: Stud of the Week. Every week, on Monday (or Tuesday) morning, I go through the snaps of the game on the Eagles web site and pick the best shot I can find of the player I think was the biggest stand out of the week, who's then featured as my desktop wallpaper for the week. Stud of Week 1: DeSean Jackson. Of course! Enjoy!


Unknown said...

Brady's injury - could not have happened to a nicer team. I wish injury on no one, but from a team standpoint, I have no compunction about showing glee at the Pats' misfortune.

They may be good enough (especially in the AFC Least) to win the division. But I can't see them going far in the playoffs without "Rocks" at QB.

Anonymous said...

OTOH, both the Bills and the Jets looked significantly improved on Sunday. Of course, the Jets were playing the Dolphins, but the Bills were playing a purportedly decent team. How many years in a row have the Seahawks won the division? Of course, they play the Cardinals, Rams, and 49ers for 6 of their 16 games, and you can win that division with an 8-8 record, so...

Yeah, I guess the Pats will still probably win AFC East.