08 August 2008

When You're a Jet...

You're a Jet All the Way
From Your First I-N-T
To Your Last Playin' Day

So Brett Favre faked me out and is now playing for the Jets. Raise your hand if you saw that coming. I guess the Packers are just happy that he left not only the division but also the conference. And the Jets certainly need a miracle at QB. I'm not sure a 38 year old who's never played anywhere else other than Green Bay and is now going to have to learn an entirely new system in, like, 3 weeks is exactly what I'd consider a miracle, but after last season, I'm guessing the Jets have lowered their standards.

In the meantime, poor Lovie Smith is like, "Grossman...Orton...fake my own death and retire to Fiji...Grossman...Orton...fake my own death and retire to Fiji." I feel for you, Lovie. That is not an easy choice. I hear Fiji's lovely, though.

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