09 August 2008

A little (personal) history

I've been watching the Iggles since I can remember (actual time: when Dick Vermeil arrived in Philly, so I was 5). I watched religiously throughout my childhood, teens, and college. Sadly, I went to grad school outside the Philly broadcast area in the Dark Ages, aka before the advent of the Sunday Ticket. I'm ashamed to admit my attention wandered. Cut me a break! It was the Ray Rhodes era, not exactly the highpoint of our team history.

Flash forward a few years. A young coach named Andy Reid comes out of the Mike Holmgren system and lands in Philly. He immediately shocks everyone by drafting a young QB out of Syracuse, Donovan McNabb, who ends up starting by mid-way through his rookie year. The team improved that year to 5-11. The following year, the team made it into the playoffs and got to the divisional round. And I started paying attention again. 4 NFC East Divisional titles. 4 trips to the NFC Championship Game. One trip to the Super Bowl. One BIG loss the Patriots, who, I'm convinced cheated. The TO implosion followed. It was not our best off-season ever.

And for some reason, on the morning of Tuesday, September 13, 2005, I felt inspired to write the following:
Eagles Season Opener, Monday, September 12, 2005 at the Falcons

Oy vey.

When Jeremiah Trotter got ejected (unfairly I think), I took it as a bad omen. Was he set up? Seems possible to me. Mathias is a nobody and he seemed to have both started the verbal altercation and he definitely threw the first punch. The Falcons needed Trotter out of there for Warren Dunn and Michael Vick to run. Things that make you go "hmmmmm....."

And I don't think we've EVER won a game when David Akers misses more than 1 FG. Of course, setting him up for two 49 yarders wasn't exactly fair, but you could still see him mentally kicking his own butt as he left the field both times. The guy literally aims to be perfect. And in fact he'd probably have better overall stats than Vanderjagt if we weren't constantly asking him to kick incredibly long FGs. He has the most over 40 yard FGs EVER in NFL history and accuracy over 94% under 40 yards.

But enough about David Akers. Both offenses - Eagles and Falcons - were TERRIBLE, the Falcons were just a little less terrible than we were. These were the NFC championship contenders last year? You have to be kidding. No wonder the AFC perpetually spanks the NFC in the Super Bowl.

Bright spot: Dawk did his damndest to win the game all on his own even after having to visit the locker room for an IV for dehydration, and TO shut up and played, although certainly not at his best. Perhaps they can get him some gloves with sticky finger pads so he can hold on to the damn ball. I hope this isn't an indication that we've gotten our D together, only to lose it on O.

I'm also hoping D-Mac isn't seriously hurt from that helmet butt, since the fortunes of the team pretty much rise and fall with him. He's not on the official injury report, but then again it hasn't been updated since last week. If he's not going to be out, I suspect we won't hear much about it, since Andy Reid tends to be pretty close about non-bench-time injuries. You know, because he's normally so forthcoming with the info on everything else.

And dude, why didn't my boy run a few of those times rather than throwing those HIGHLY suspect passes? I know we don't want our QB to get schnockered this early in the season, but he had clear lanes more than a few times, and he's learned how to go down once he gets the first down yardage rather than risking injury for a few more yards.

And clock management! JEEZ let's talk about the clock management problem! That's what KILLED us in the Super Bowl last year. You'd think someone would have thought to work on that in the off season. I love me some Andy Reid, but the clock management thing is NOT GOOD.

At least we have what should be a gimme next week against the 49ers, like the rest of our conference had Sunday. Giants versus Cardinals? The team vying with the 49ers for worst in the entire league? Yeah, I'm sure Eli Manning did have a great game against them. So would any above-average high school QB. The 'Skins managed to squeak by the Bears. You know, the same Bears the group of people I've cc:ed on this email could probably beat if we put our minds to it. The Cowboys were the only ones who played a real team (Chargers), and they managed to win, even though Bill Parcells continues his reign of over the hill QB terror in Dallas. DREW BLEDSOE? How long has this guy been playing? Since the 14 game season?
Which I proceeded to email to a collection of family and friends who follow football.

As you know, this game was a harbinger of doom, otherwise known as the 2005 season. But it provided LOTS of fodder for mocking, one of my best things. So I continued to write about the games and send them out to my little email group, which grew over the course of the season as my stuff got forwarded and more people asked to be added. I wrote game recaps throughout the full 17 week season and even recapped most of the 2005 playoff games, despite our lack of actually playing in any of them.

During the 2006 off-season, I began checking out the fan offerings on the official Philadelphia Eagles site and realized, much to my delight, that they were offering fan blogs. So I signed up for one. I loaded up all my recaps from the 2005 season and started bloggin'.

And I've kept blogging on the Eagles site for the past two years. Coverage of the draft and the pre-season. Pre-season picks for all the divisions. Weekly pre-game picks for all the games. Weekly recaps of all the games. Coverage of the post-season.

197 posts in all.

Over 3000 visitors.

Over 250 comments.

For the past few months, I've been considering possibly trying to get something going outside the insulated world that's populated entirely by other Eagles fans. But I kept putting it off and putting it off and putting it off. Hey, it was safe and comfortable there! Plus it would be a huge amount of work to copy my shit off that site. And I didn't want to leave without it.

Until last Wednesday, August 6, when I received the following invitation:
Hey Elizabeth. I've been reading your blog and I'm thoroughly entertained! I actually have a football blog for female fans and I've been looking for an Eagles Chick who might want to contribute. If you get a second, send me an email. We're about to do some stuff in Philly and would love to bring die-hard Eagles fans like you on board. If you're interested, you can reach me at chicks. . .

-Nola Chick
I realized it was a sign. After checking out the site and a little email back and forth with nola chick, I signed on. And decided it was time to get THIS party started.

I'll now be using this site as my primary writing playground and syndicating my posts out to both my Eagles fan blog and to chicksinthehuddle.com. I invite you to check me out in any of those venues, add me to your RSS feed, comment, and generally enjoy the wise-assness.

And bring on the 2008 season!

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Ed Lamb said...

E -- Excellent to see you're moving on up to the east side. To a deluxe apartment in the sky, even.

I can't wait to read you post about Fav-reh as a NY Jet.

Anonymous said...

It's already up - http://snarkinthenfl.blogspot.com/2008/08/when-youre-jet.html.