07 August 2008

2008 Preseason: Game 1 Preview

Eagles at Steelers, Friday, August 8, 2008

And so it begins. Our attempt to at least get back to the damn playoffs.

What do I hope to see (other than, please God, a preview of Super Bowl XLIII, because I've been waiting for a Keystone Bowl MY ENTIRE LIFE)?
  • D-Mac playing like the second half of 2007, rather than the abominable first half, for the maybe 1 series he plays.
  • West36 hanging on the sidelines. Don't need to start the season with him banged up, and he's already been missing practice.
  • BDawk not missing a step, for the maybe 1 series he plays.
  • Our young receiving corps stepping up.
  • Max Jean-Gilles looking like he's able to fill The Big Kid's shoes (because I think they're going to be missing The Big Kid in them for a while).
  • What, if anything, our rookies have.
  • What, if anything, Kevin Kolb has.
I don't really care about too much else, other than avoiding injury.

What will you be looking for, Eagles fans?

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