29 August 2007

2007 Preseason: Game 3

Eagles at Steelers, Sunday, August 26

Chef Spouse headed up to Philly Monday morning before God got up (because I refuse to believe in a deity who arises before the sun), so we Tivoed the second half as we were...otherwise occupied at the time it originally aired.

Anyway, I've been busy until tonight, and the second half of the game sat here waiting for me to watch it. I made myself a nice dinner, poured a glass of wine, and sat down to enjoy the second half.

Well, that was a waste. "Enjoy"? Too bad there's no emoticon for rolling your eyes.

So here's the thing: the whole reason for the pre-season is to let the other guys vie to be second and third teamers, right? I understand why the first team was playing like they were half asleep. They had thoughts of getting back to Madden 08 dancing through their heads. But what about the rest of those slackers? That's no way to graduate off the practice squad, people!

According to all the pre-game hoopla, McNabb was supposed to play for the entire first half. And yet, 5 minutes into the second quarter, out he comes. One explanation is that all is not well with his knee. However, I suspect that the answer is much simpler: AR figured that, since no one was going to catch anything he was throwing, there was no point in risking him, so...

Kolb did seem to do a little better after he calmed down. But come on! Roethlisberger had thrown about a hundred picks in the first quarter alone, and all we had to show for it was 3 points? Dude, they're trying to hand us the game, and we keep giving it back, "Oh no, you go ahead and win. We don't want to win tonight."

And that was pretty much that.

Hey, desultory game, desultory review. What can I say?

One final note: tonight marks the two year anniversary of when the levees broke in New Orleans. Know what the federal government has done in the last two years to demonstrate leadership in restoring the Gulf Coast? Fuck all. Of the many egregious failings of the current administration, their malign neglect of an entire region is among the worst. Write your Senators, write your Representative, send a letter to the editor, but do something. I love football, and I love the Eagles, but it's time to get off our asses and do something for our fellow citizens who are in need.

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