22 July 2008

As Training Camp Opens...

I find myself pondering what our chances are this year. I have a good friend who's a Giants fan, and, while he doesn't expect a repeat, he thinks the NFC East contenders are the G-men and the Cowboys. Sure, maybe he's just writing our Iggles off because, you know, everybody who's not an Iggles fan (pretty much) hates us.

But then I read John Smallwood's piece in today's Inquirer. I know Smallwood is ALWAYS the voice of doom, and because of that I tend to discount much of what he writes. Until I got to this statement:
Too many things about the makeup of this 2008 squad say this is about making one last hurrah, taking one last run at that elusive Super Bowl trophy before fully moving on to the next era.
Unfortunately, the case he goes on to make is at least somewhat convincing.

So, Eagles fans, what do you think? Is this our year to take back the NFC East? Will we go to The Show? Or should I start laying in supplies of bourbon now?

09 July 2008

Protect Your Spot in Line!

If, like so many of us, you've entered your name on the infamous Eagles Season Ticket Waiting List, you've no doubt wondered: "Where am I on the list? Will I ever graduate? Do I have a better chance of securing season tickets than, say, winning the Olympic marathon? Or not?"

Soon, your questions should be answered. The Powers That Be are confirming spots in line. That also means that you're going to have to speak up to keep your place. That ALSO means that if your contact information has changed from what TPTB have on file, you may have to contact them. But they're asking everyone to wait until after July 14, to give them a chance to reach out. And the deadline is August 8 to keep your spot.

More information here.

Personally, I recommend putting a reminder in your calendar for July 15. I know that's what I'm doing.

One more key piece of information (and I quote): "For Waitlist members who respond by 5 p.m. on Friday, July 18th, they will be registered to win a pair of Eagles season tickets for the 2008 season."