23 April 2008

Are you ready for some (draft) football?

I understand the Dolphins wanting to get their #1 pick all sewn up before the actual launch of the draft, avoiding all those potentially messy contract/hold-out issues that can arise when the #1 pick gets too big for his britches (JaMarcus Russell, I'm looking at you). What I don't understand is why they chose a tackle as their first pick. Don't get me wrong, I know they need help at tackle. But I wouldn't have pegged that as their most critical missing link. Then again, King Kaufman, as usual, has a point:
If you're building a team from nothing, which the team with the No. 1 pick is generally doing, you start with the lines. A great quarterback is nice to have, but we saw in Houston from 2002 to 2006 what happens when a potential franchise quarterback lines up behind a bad offensive line. It's a lot cheaper and easier to sign a journeyman to get knocked on his ass every third play. Build the line first.
I will not be able to watch the draft live, as I'll be out at the New Orleans fairgrounds Sunday afternoon enjoying the sweet strains of Jazz Fest, but I am hauling along a computer so I can pontificate about our picks after the fact.

PS: fond as I am of Alex Ovechkin, I have to say: GO FLYERS!

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