23 April 2008

Are you ready for some (draft) football?

I understand the Dolphins wanting to get their #1 pick all sewn up before the actual launch of the draft, avoiding all those potentially messy contract/hold-out issues that can arise when the #1 pick gets too big for his britches (JaMarcus Russell, I'm looking at you). What I don't understand is why they chose a tackle as their first pick. Don't get me wrong, I know they need help at tackle. But I wouldn't have pegged that as their most critical missing link. Then again, King Kaufman, as usual, has a point:
If you're building a team from nothing, which the team with the No. 1 pick is generally doing, you start with the lines. A great quarterback is nice to have, but we saw in Houston from 2002 to 2006 what happens when a potential franchise quarterback lines up behind a bad offensive line. It's a lot cheaper and easier to sign a journeyman to get knocked on his ass every third play. Build the line first.
I will not be able to watch the draft live, as I'll be out at the New Orleans fairgrounds Sunday afternoon enjoying the sweet strains of Jazz Fest, but I am hauling along a computer so I can pontificate about our picks after the fact.

PS: fond as I am of Alex Ovechkin, I have to say: GO FLYERS!

02 April 2008

Is this the end, my friend?

Is Lito Sheppard, my beloved former Pro Bowl CB and pickin' machine, who never fails to smoke the Cowboys' QB (no matter who's taking the snaps), but who's also been injury-prone the last few years, on his way out? The recent FA pickup of Asante Samuel and resigning of Joselio Hansen would seem to indicate that he might be.

As would rumors abounding around the Interwebz.

The FO has to do what the FO has to do, but if Lito's elsewhere next year, I will be one sad Iggles fan.

In other news, Vicodin Boy RETIRED while I was out of the country, and Chef Spouse DIDN'T TELL ME. Man, is someone in trouble....