30 January 2008

Crime and Punishment

The WaPo, although light on the football coverage these days since the Skins are out of it (we are getting wall-to-wall Coach Controversy Coverage, of course, but that's a topic for a different post), reports that Captain ME! is being forced to repay the majority of his signing bonus, a total of $1.725 million, of which he still owes and will now be forced to pay nearly $800,000. OK, failure to perform, sure, but what about compensatory damages for our pain and suffering? And by "our," I mean the fans. That punk owes me a check!

Or, as Ex-Navy Cheesehead put it in alerting me to this news:

To the Tune of the Eagles fight song:
"Eat s_it TO,
Pay the Eagles dough-re-me."

Okay I'll stop now. We can add verses later.


PS - best wishes for a speedy recovery to PTI commentator and WaPo sports columnist Michael Wilbon, who suffered a mild heart attack yesterday. Get well soon, Knucklehead!

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