04 January 2008

2007 Wildcard Weekend Picks

Redskins/Seahawks – Skins. Hot, hottie, hot. Also, the Seahawks may have completely dominated their division for the entire current millennium, but seriously, how hard is it to dominate the Rams, Cardinals, and 49ers? More will be noted about this issue in the annual "Let the Beheadings Begin” post next week.

Giants/Buccaneers – Giants. I just have a hunch that the Annual Collapse Express will show up NEXT week. This year, it’s obviously a local.

Jaguars/Steelers – Jags. Speaking of hot hottie hot. And the Steelers, sadly, are not nottie not.

Titans/Chargers – Chargers. Doesn’t matter how Vince Young is feeling, the Titans will not get past the Chargers.

Yes, I realize that I'm picking 3 of the 4 wildcard teams, which seems statistically unlikely at best, but I do have reasons that at least make sense in my own little head for picking them.

Of course, given who I thought would be in the playoffs this year versus who’s actually in the playoffs, you really shouldn’t listen to what I say. Or at least I won’t be held responsible if you lose money based on my craptacular advice.

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