11 January 2008

2007 Divisional Weekend Picks

Packers/Seahawks: I’m a repeat offender on underestimating the Seahawks. Yeah, they dominate their division every year, but their division is TERRIBLE. How hard could that be? How good could they actually be, right? You know now that I think about it, there’s another team that fits that profile: the Patriots. Hm. They might be better than I think they are, but the Seahawks are not the Patriots. And, just as those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it, I’m picking the Packers.

Giants/Cowboys: Two teams with young QBs prone to cracking under the pressure of big games. I think there will be two deciding factors: the Giants Sacking Machine and Captain ME! No Captain ME! and/or the G-men pressure Tonyboy heavily? Giants. Captain ME! plays and/or Osi Umenyiora has an off day? Cowboys. Anyone know where JSimp will be? I heard she’s been banned. The Cowboys site reports that Captain ME! will play Sunday, and we in Philly know he’s definitely a fast healer. Based on that, I’m calling Cowboys, but this one really could go either way.

Colts/Chargers: Peyton Manning + AP Defensive Player of the Year Bob Sanders + a healthy Marvin Harrison = "Have a nice trip back to San Diego, you losers.” Colts.

Patriots/Jaguars: Look, they may have gone 16-0, but their four close regular season games – two to teams that didn’t even make the playoffs – prove that the Patriots are not, in fact, superhuman. IF the Jags can get pressure on Rocks Brady and IF the Jags can shut down Randy Moss and IF David Garrard can return to his regular season careful ball-handling (as opposed to this new devil-may-care, interception-prone Playoff Persona I am not loving), the Jags could pull off the big upset. I know the stats are not in my favor – Belichick is 12-2 in playoff games with the Pats – but I’m calling Jags as my upset pick of the week. Good luck, guys.

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