22 January 2008

2007 Conference Championship Recap

Patriots over Chargers: it quickly became clear, to me at least, that the NFL, the officials, and/or The Powers That Be had decided that their very favorite, bestest thing ever in the world would be a Patriots/Packers Super Bowl. And the officiating reflected that. I don’t think it was so bad that it actually threw the game to the Patriots, although they looked far less than brilliant, and I think it would have been a lot closer had TPTB not so clearly wanted the Pats to go to the show. Again.

The Chargers inflicted significant casualties until they were too weak to continue (and bonus points if you got the BtVS reference). But with the majority of their first team offense injured and the officials seriously disinclined to call any penalties on the Pats, the Chargers managed to hang in there, on the strength of Nate Kaeding’s leg, for at least the first half.

In the end, the Patriots proved too much, but they did not escape unscathed. Rocks Brady might just actually be hurt. Or he could be faking. Or it could be a ploy to discombobulate the Giants. I hate that guy.

Also, it was like Phil Simms had taken Xanax before calling the game. "Sigh. And Quentin Jammer intercepts Tom Brady. Yawn.” Could somebody get homeboy a shot of espresso, stat?

Thank heavens Fox will be broadcasting the Super Bowl. Or maybe not. Does that mean we’re going to be stuck with Troy Aikman and Joe Buck? A fate worse than death.

Anyway, on to the NFC…

Giants over Packers: this game was almost thrown by the bad officiating. And by the fact that Lawrence Tynes is no Nate Kaeging. Nor is he a Jeff Feagles. But Eli Manning has morphed into freakin’ Dan Marino (speaking of, has anyone but me noticed that Danno looks a little spaced out these days?). And Tom Coughlin seems to have turned into warm, fuzzy Wade Phillips (only WITH a playoff win).

Speaking of, Shoegal sent me this link which is hilarious, not least of which because we finally have proof: Hitler was a Cowboys fan. It makes sense - he was evil, they’re evil, it’s a natural match.

Anyway, despite the best efforts of TPTB to produce a nice story of Favre and Brady at the Super Bowl and the passing of the torch or some shit, the Giants outplayed the Packers on a bitterly cold night in Green Bay, and the sports bloviators were denied their happy ending. Get over it. And frankly, Giants fans (with the exception of Jeremy Shockey, who thankfully has been MIA for about a month now) are way less obnoxious than, say, Cowboys fans.

As Deadhead Skins Fan and I were discussing last night, the NFC East rules once again. She feels that we’re now the top division in the NFL. I argued for AFC South, but that NFC East is clearly the best division in the NFC. This is not particularly good news for us, as we were walking away with the division for most of the past decade, but ah well.

PS to Peyton: I’m bummed, too.

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