21 December 2007

Hints of Greatness?

A timely and relevant email from Shoegal earlier today:
"For some strange reason, I've been pondering the Eagles season. I find it interesting that the Eagles really gave the Patriots (#1) some serious competition (which no other team had done by that date) and recently defeated the Cowboys who were #2 in the overall rankings (until this latest loss). OK, you could argue that they stepped up their game (mentally and physically) for these opponents - to avoid being embarassed by the Patriots running up the score on them like they did with every other team they played to that point and because it's the despised Cowboys and they just hate to lose to those ****s. But why can't they get juiced for every game? Why so mediocre some weeks and so damn good/tough on others? But hey, it's been one of those weird seasons where nearly every team is pretty damn mediocre at one time or another."
Aside from the fact that I find it amusing that my Eagles mania is rubbing off on her, the only explanation I could come up with is that we're playing up - and down - to the level of our competition this year. What say you, Eagles nation?

PS - (likely highly abbreviated) week 16 picks will go up later today

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