21 December 2007

2007 Week 16 Picks - Naughty & Nice Edition

Eagles/Saints: When you're out of the playoffs, it can be NICE to spoil someone else's chances. It would also be NICE to finish at .500. But the Saints are still in it, and they're playing at home. Eagles (I need a NICE present, guys), but it could go either way.

Steelers/Rams: As indicated earlier, the Steelers got a NICE present in getting one step closer to locking up the AFC North, although Santa also dropped off a big lump of coal when Willie Parker went down with that broken leg. I had, of course, called the Steelers, and they won, but things look pretty shaky for them now for the post-season.

Dallas/Panthers: Wouldn't it be NICE if the Cowboys fell apart at the end of the season again? Panthers (I hope 'cause I'd really like to see Captain ME! lose it and Tonyboy cry).

Browns/Bengals: NICE job this year, Romeo. See you in the playoffs, Browns.

Texans/Colts: The Colts don't need this game, which I'm guessing translates to "rest your starters," since unlike some Belichicks I could name, Tony Dungy's not crazy. Could be a NICE win for the Texans.

Giants/Bills: The Bills are out of it, and the Giants are still fighting to hold onto the #1 NFC Wildcard spot. Those NAUGHTY boys might just lock it up this weekend. Giants.

Chiefs/Lions: Two teams who've been very NAUGHTY the past two months. It's the battle of the losing streaks! I'm calling "let's see what our rookies have got!"

Raiders/Jags: Someone's been on a NICE roll lately and has the added motivation of being completely passed over for the Pro Bowl. Jags.

Packers/Bears: Wouldn't it be NICE to see the NFC Championship Game played at Lambeau? What a NICE way to go out (just a little hint-ski). Packers.

Falcons/Cardinals: Worst Game of the Week. Very, very, NAUGHTY. And not in the good way.

Bucs/49ers: NICE season, Jeff. Now rest up for the playoffs. Bucs anyway (the 49ers are terrible, despite beating the Bengals last week).

Jets/Titans: The Titans are still alive, barely, while the Jets have been NAUGHTY pretty much all season. Titans.

Dolphins/Pats: Wouldn't it be NICE if the Dolphins could get two wins? And it would be a NICE present for their new EVP of Football Operations, the Tuna. It would be even NICER if that NAUGHTY Bill Belichick finally caught some bad luck with a serious injury to a key player or two. But none of that is very likely. Pats.

Ravens/Seahawks: Aw! Isn't it NICE that rookie QB Troy Smith will get to make his first start for the Ravens this week? And the Seahawks have nothing to play for at this point. Should make for a dull game, unless Troy turns out to be the second coming of Rocks Brady. Which is always possible. Ravens (just a hunch).

Redskins/Vikings: Both teams are playing for that final NFC Wildcard spot. Vikings are leading, but Tavaris Jackson seems pretty rattle-able. Wouldn't it be NICE if the NFC East sent 3 teams to the playoffs again this year, re-assuming our rightful role as premier division in the NFC? Redskins.

Broncos/Chargers: Two more teams that have nothing to play for at this point, as the Chargers can't do better than locking up AFC West (which they've already done) and the Broncos are out of it. And it's Christmas Eve. Be NICE to your family, turn off the TV, and do something together 'cause this ain't gonna be worth watching.

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