17 December 2007

2007 Week 15 Recap

Eagles at Cowboys, Sunday, December 16, 2007

In attendance: just me & Chef Spouse. We literally walked into the house as the game was starting

Menu: Thai takeout. Hey, we were out of town this weekend.

Every week, I choose a new desktop background from among our previous game’s photos. Each week, I pick the standout player of the game and choose the photo of him making the standout play. This week, the photo decorating my desktop is West36’s booty as he slides down at the 1, ensuring an Eagles victory over the Cowboys.

Here’s the thing about BWest. We’ve all known for years that he’s a great player. (It hasn’t been until the last two years that the rest of the sports viewing world has caught on, but whatever.) And he’s a smart guy – honor roll at DeMatha, degree in MIS from Villanova, MBA program, Wharton program. But this is the first time he’s demonstrated that he (with a little assistance from old timer Jon Runyan) is smarter than the head coach. Which he – and everyone else – should remember when he decides to retire. Not only was it smart, it was unselfish. West36 gave up adding a TD to his own stats to think of the team and of the win.

There was other good stuff. Our D played one of their best games this season. They had three takeaways, which has been a real problem for us this year. Lito completely shut down Captain ME! How a 5’ 10” cornerback manages to shut down a receiver who’s almost 6 inches taller than he is a mystery to me, but TO probably has recurring nightmares that feature Lito picking off passes intended for him.

Nobody did anything stupid after the refs whiffed the call on Ken Hamlin’s helmet-to-helmet hit on Matt Schobel. AR looked about as pissed as I’ve ever seen him – I think he actually FROWNED. And there’s more good news! Roy Williams has been suspended for his latest horse collar tackle, which thankfully doesn't seem to have had any lasting ill effects on D-Mac, because that is the ABSOLUTE LAST THING he/we need in the world. OK, it’s only for one game, but all right-thinking football fans should rejoice, because Roy Williams is a tool who’s also unable to play without cheating, so every team that faces the Cowboys is only one play away from a career-ending injury on . How do we get rid of this guy?

And speaking of getting rid of people, why is Troy Aikman is allowed to call Cowboys games? Why is Troy Aikman allowed to call Cowboys DIVISIONAL games? Am I the ONLY person who thinks this is just wrong? How do we make him go the way of Michael Irvin? People, let’s put our heads together and work this problem!

Around the rest of the NFL…

Texans over Broncos: The Texans are a team heading in the right direction in a tough division. The Broncos are a team heading the wrong direction in a weak division. Which means plenty of chances for the Texans to be frustrated and the Broncos to show up in the playoffs undeservingly in years to come.

49ers over Bengals: Wait – what? Oh Chad, why don’t you come play in Philly, as the people next to us at dinner Saturday night suggested? We could use a decent receiver, and you clearly need to get away from the BS in Cincinnati.

Packers over Rams: No surprises there. And Vicodin Boy passes DMar on the all-time yards list. Yay. He’s been playing since the discovery of fire. What took him so long? Also, any chance he’ll go away NOW? No?

How ‘bout now?


Bucs over Falcons: Way over. WAY over. Congrats to Jeff Garcia, who returned to the starting lineup just in time, on his second divisional title in two years.

Jags over Steelers: I expected a close, hard-fought game. And it was. I just didn’t expect it to turn out this way. Could the Browns overtake the Steelers for AFC North? The Steelers finish their season with the Rams and the Ravens. Talk about going out with a whimper! The Browns face the Bengals and the 49ers. So it’s not a stretch to think they will both win out. In which case, the Steelers own the tie breaker, but the Browns will head into Wildcard Weekend with a very strong 11-5 record.

Saints over Cardinals: Damn. The Saints are still right in the NFC wildcard hunt. I don’t want to lose, but I also don’t want to spoil their playoff chances next week. But most of all, I really don’t want to finish under .500. OK, Saints, that’s it – we’re coming for you. Hopefully it will go better than our matchups last year.

Panthers over Seahawks: Wow. Not to beat a dead horse or anything, but the NFC West is BAD. Horrible. Terrible. No good. Muy malo. Wretched. Craptastic. Who’s even playing QB in Carolina these days? (like it matters...)

Browns over Bills: I’ve already talked about the Browns, but was that a game a mess or what? Watching Derek Anderson slide through the snow on his stomach like a penguin was pretty funny, though. He was probably practicing for when he’ll be doing that with piles of money next year.

Titans over Chiefs: Titans aren’t out of the post-season yet. But I think the Jags and Browns are basically a lock on the two AFC wildcard spots, so it’s sort of pointless at this point.

Dolphins over Ravens: I have no response to this. I thought we were having a bad year.

Pats over Jets: OK, so now that the Dolphins have won a game, the pressure’s off. No time like the present to get on a roll!

Colts over Raiders: Yawn. Although the Raiders did lead…briefly.

Chargers over Lions: The Chargers are starting to look like we expected them to look in September. They’re one of the few teams that was looking disappointing but has managed to turn it around. Unlike some Eagles I could mention. I don’t think Norv’s going to fare any better in the post-season that Marty did, though.

Redskins over Giants: Nice! And that redneck trash Shockey is out for the rest of the season. Boo-hoo. The Giants will once again be eliminated in their first playoff game. HA! It would’ve helped our hanging-by-a-thread playoff hopes if the Skins had lost, but we’re not going to the playoffs this year, anyway, and I don’t dislike the Skins nearly as much as I dislike the Giants.

At half time, the Bears are beating the Vikings, which is pretty surprising, but is probably not going to last.

PS – Look, I think Jessica Simpson is an annoying dolt, don’t get me wrong, but if people don’t stop blaming her for Tonyboy’s bad game, I am going to get seriously stabby. You know what? Maybe it’s NOT the woman’s fault. Maybe he’s just an inconsistent, untried, over-hyped, about-to-be-a-bust QB who's been getting fat on a soft schedule. Ya think?

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