03 December 2007

2007 Week 13 Recap

Eagles v. Seahawks, Sunday, December 2, 2007

It’s a banner day for this blog. I announce my VERY FIRST official nickname change. Steely McGeek petitioned the League, and, after careful consideration, we agreed to accede to his request. He shall henceforth and forever more be known on this blog as Steely McMeow.

In attendance: Steely McMeow, Chef Spouse, and me.

Menu: homemade bread, turkey noodle soup, and bitterness.

You know how I was worried about a letdown game? Yeah, that was prescient.

Two things killed us this weekend:

AJ’s bad decisions. QB controversy? What QB controversy? Even the people who hate him are now counting the minutes until D-Mac can come back. Except those crazy few who, as the WaPo helpfully pointed out, will find SOME way to blame him for the loss. AJ, seriously, you’ve thrown more picks in 2 games than D-Mac has in his last…season? Career? Either way, dude, after last week some teams desperate for a QB (like 1/2 the teams in the NFC at least, and about 1/3 of the teams in the AFC) might have been looking at you as a possible replacement. Not anymore.

Dumb-ass play calling. Going for it on 4th and 1 at the goal line? Brilliant. Giving it to West36 in the backfield? WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? Ever heard of a little thing called the QUARTERBACK SNEAK? You’re on the freakin’ TWO INCH line! Also, when your QB seems to think that Lofa Tatupu plays for the Eagles, you MIGHT want to try some running plays. Like ALL the plays.

And even with all that, our entire D, particularly one Mr. Sheldon Brown, worked really hard to keep us in the game. (And Sheldon, given how many times you got beat in coverage earlier in the game, it is only that pick that’s keeping you off Santa’s "naughty” list.) And West36 left nothing, up to and including a 64 yard punt return that SHOULD have set us up for the winning TD. But no, AJ killed us. Again.

So at this point, we’re technically still in the wildcard race, but we’re at the bottom of a VERY long list of teams. Realistically, it’s over for 2007. So everyone’s talking about playing "for pride.” I say forget pride and play for draft position. If we’re going to miss the playoffs – and we are – let’s not just be middling-bad. Let’s go for stinking it up and drafting high. Seriously.

Around the rest of the NFL…

Cowboys over Packers: What a lousy time for circa 2005 Brett Favre to reappear. It’s tough for your team to win a game when you throw a million picks. Just ask AJ.

Bills over Redskins: Class move on the Skins part? Sending out 10 men on the first defensive series. Not so class move? Joe Gibbs blowing the game for them because he couldn’t remember the rules. Time for Old Joe to go back to NASCAR? Past time.

Vikings over Lions: Guess which team on the cusp is going to make the playoffs?

Chargers over Chiefs: The Chargers are almost starting to look like they’re NOT being coached by Norv Turner. Won’t last.

Rams over Falcons: Whatever.

Panthers over 49ers: Likewise.

Jets over Dolphins: by a LOT. Could the Dolphins go without a win all season? Yes, yes, they could. They could – maybe – take the Bills. And before the past two hours (otherwise known as the first half of the Pats/Ravens game), I would have said the Ravens might be vulnerable. The Pats are not vulnerable, at least not to the Dolphins. Although it would be great if Belichick decides to pull his usual crap and plays Box o’ Rocks Brady in a meaningless game when they’re up by, oh, a million points, and Rocks gets seriously injured, just in time for the playoffs. But I digress. I doubt the Bengals will have too much trouble with the Fins either. So they could go 0-16. Which would be the kind of great that’s not.

Titans over Texans: Apparently, the surest way for an AFC team to score a win is to convince me to pick against them. Just a tip.

Colts over Jaguars: Like I was saying….

Raiders over Broncos: Did I mention that I get a LOT of AFC picks wrong? A LOT. Then again, did anyone call this one right?

Cardinals over Browns: Ok, the Cards are not good. They’re at 6-6 in the NFC West, the Pop Warner division of the NFL. But Ken Whisenhut seems to have the AFC North’s number. He’s led his cobbled-together offense to shocking wins over 3 of the teams (Steelers, Browns, and Bengals) this year.

Giants over Bears: Damn. Not that it matters to our post-season at this point, but I still hate to see the Giants win. And it sure looked like lil Eli was going to pull his usual mid-season high jinks up until he morphed into Dan Marino. Alas, the Bears were totally robbed.

Bucs over Saints: The Saints HAD that game and threw it away on an inexplicable trick play. See above re: bad play calling.

Steelers over Bengals: No surprise there. Well, OK, minor surprise. I was getting a little worried about the Steelers after the past two weeks and given that it was pouring at Heinz Field – again – but they pulled it together. If they can keep playing like that, they’ll do well in the playoffs. Not well enough, but well.

So on the MNF pre-game show, it was nice to hear Steve Young give props to the 1991 Eagles D! Reggie White…Randall Scramble at QB…and Rich Kotite. Sigh. Why can’t we ever seem to pull ALL the elements together at once?

Tony K’s weekly pre-game scripted piece was, as usual, the only time he should be allowed to speak all night. I loved his equation of Bill Belichick with Snidely Whiplash. "The villain can’t be Tom Brady - he’s too cute.” Also, it’s mean to hate on the mentally challenged. But he’s right – we can ALL hate on Belichick without feeling the tiniest bit guilty.

And at half time, the Ravens are making a game of it. Too bad Ed Reed dropped that pick, but at least they stopped the Pat’s scoring drive and will get the ball after the half. On the other hand, the second half is generally where the Patriots start whipping up on their opponents. Good luck, Ravens. You’re gonna need it.

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