26 November 2007

So proud...

I'll write a full recap of our game and all the others later this week, but before I go to bed tonight I wanted to post something about how proud I am of our guys. That was THE CLOSEST game the Pats have played all season. We led until late in the 4th quarter. Tom Brady looked seriously worried (at least as seriously as that box of rocks can look). In the end, the Patriots were still the Patriots, Bill Belichick's still an ass, and it's our karma to lose to the Pats by 3. But aside from a few breaks that we just can't seem to get to go our way ever this season, we played a great game. We didn't manage to pull off the HUGE upset, but we DID manage to provide the blueprint every other team that faces the Pats will follow this season. Tonight, I'm more proud than usual to be an Eagles fan.

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