01 November 2007

2007 Week 9 Picks

League-wide, the quarterback situation is at DEFCON 4. Don’t believe me? You know Dolphins coach Cam Cameron has a coin out, and on one side is "Bench Cleo Lemon in favor of rookie John Beck” and on the other is "Call up Dan Marino and see if I can talk him into suiting up again.” Hey, Testaverde’s still playing…

As much as it pains me to say this, and anyone who reads any of these blogs on a regular basis is right with me, I think the Cowboys are gonna win this one. Remember how I pointed out that we haven’t managed to beat a good team yet? Yeah, that hasn’t changed in the last 4 days. Oh! And we’re playing on Sunday Night Football. Even better! I’m really looking forward to losing to the damn Cowboys on national television.

On the other hand, Life-Long Eagles Fan Mom and You-Two-Calm-Down-or-I’m-Turning-Off-the-TV Dad are coming to town this weekend to help us with The Money Pit, and they tend to bring us good luck. And we have to have a break out game at some point, right? So why not this week? Right? RIGHT? Who’s with me?

Redskins/Jets: Skins, all the way. That DEFCON 4 QB situation? Hitting the Jets, too. Kellen Clemens, people.

49ers/Falcons: 2-5 versus 1-6. Worst Game of the Week? You got it.

Cardinals/Bucs: Bucs, baby! Go Jeff! Who needs a damn running back anyway? Yeah, that’s not going to work forever. But it should work OK this week.

Packers/Chiefs: Packers. Although, as you may or may not have noticed, the Chiefs are currently leading AFC West. Of course, the Raiders were leading AFC West a few weeks ago. Just sayin’.

Bengals/Bills: How are there so many teams that are so bad so early? How come I end up asking this same question year after year? Sigh. Bills.

Chargers/Vikings: Chargers. They definitely have their mojo working again.

Broncos/Lions: I’m going with the surprise pick of the Lions. But wait! They have a much better record. Of course, it’s in the NFC North. Still, I stand by my choice.

Panthers/Titans: Titans. Although David Carr may be back. Or maybe not. And Vince Young will probably be playing. Or maybe not. Dude, I need some sort of a chart here. Possibly with different colored markers.

Jags/Saints: I’d really like to see the Saints win this one. I’d also really like to see us beat the Cowboys. And I’d like a million dollars. I don’t think I’m getting any of those things, though. Jags.

Seahawks/Browns: Oh wait! Maybe THIS is the Worst Game of the Week.

Texans/Raiders: No, no, THIS is the Worst Game of the Week. Can there be 3 Worst Games of the Week? Well, whether or not there can be, there certainly are this week.

Steelers/Ravens: Grudge match! Not that the Ravens have a prayer. Steelers Transplant will be Steelers Homecoming King for this game, and will be enjoying the Steelers win from beautiful Heinz Field.

And the only game anyone’s actually talking about…

Pats/Colts: I already called this one for the Colts. Why? Tougher division, defending Super Bowl champs, the Pats are evil, and karma should bite you in the ass at some point, right?

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