29 November 2007

2007 Week 13 Picks

We played SO well last week. And we’ve been SO inconsistent this year. I’m really hoping that this week isn’t the big let-down, or, even worse, that we peaked for 2007 in the game against the Pats. The playoffs are, amazingly, still a real possibility for us, if we can win at least 4 of our last 5. And every single one of them - Seahawks, Giants, Cowboys, Saints, and Bills – is winnable. But only if we play like we did last Sunday night. I think we beat the Seahawks, even with Mr. Lazy Bones Alexander returning to the lineup, but I also think this game will be a signifier for the rest of our season. Fight the temptation of the trap game, guys! Finish strong!

Packers/Cowboys: I think I’m officially rooting for the Packers to win the Super Bowl from here on out. Realistically, the NFC is going to be represented by one of these two teams, and if it’s the Cowboys facing the Pats, I’m officially rooting for Career-Ending Injuries. And that’s just not as much fun. Anyway, Packers, mostly because the experienced gunslinger should win out over the (nearly) rookie gunslinger. Also? Still hate the Cowboys more than anything.

Lions/Vikings: OK, a month ago, I definitely would have picked the Lions. Now I’m not so sure – they started the season hot, at 6-2, but have lost their last 3 games in a row. Meanwhile, now that Tavaris Jackson has rejoined the lineup, the Vikings seem to have some momentum. And a head coach who’s desperate not to be fired. To me, that says Vikings.

Chargers/Chiefs: Two AFC West teams? Who the hell knows? I’m calling Chiefs, but I’m probably wrong.

Jets/Dolphins: OH. MY. GOD. Worst Game of the Week. Also the best remaining chance for the Dolphins NOT to go 0-16.

Jags/Colts: I think Jags, for no reason other than a hunch that the Colts are still too banged up and the Jaguars are on a hot streak.

49ers/Panthers: Wait, maybe this is the Worst Game of the Week. Panthers. Like it matters.

Texans/Titans: I’m officially hopping off the Titans bandwagon. Which means they’ll probably start winning again. Texans.

Falcons/Rams: THREE. THREE TERRIBLE GAMES in the 1 pm timeslot. Oh, the humanity! Rams? Falcons? Who gives a shit?

Bills/Redskins: Redskins. Win one for Sean, fellas.

Browns/Cardinals: Browns. Who may be my pick for AFC North next year, if they can hang onto Derek Anderson.

Broncos/Raiders: The Broncos may be inconsistent, they may have inexplicably lost to the Bears last week, they may not make the playoffs, but they WILL beat the 3-8 Raiders. Speaking of the Bears…

Giants/Bears: Mid-season slump now arriving, track 10? You know it! Bears.

Bucs/Saints: Bucs. Sorry Saints.

Bengals/Steelers: Steelers. But it’s not as much of a lock (in my mind, anyway) as it would have been had the Steelers not just played two terrible games against the Jets and Dolphins and had the Bengals not just smacked the Titans around to the tune of 35-6 last week.

Pats/Ravens: Bill Belichick finally decides to get all warm and fuzzy about someone and it’s Ed Reed? WHATever. It’s not going to help the Ravens, though, who will be lucky to score at all. Maybe if the Pats offense gets really tired from running up and down the field and is all like, "Look, D, just let them complete ONE GOOD drive. We need a break over here, yo!” Pats.

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