21 November 2007

2007 Week 12 Picks

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

Eagles/Pats – Do I REALLY have to watch this game? Sigh. Pats.

Packers/Lions – Hey! A Packers/Lions game is going to be GOOD! When’s the last time that happened? Oh yeah – early in Clinton 42’s first term. I think the Pack’s going to take this one. I also think this will be the only Thanksgiving game worth watching…

Jets/Cowboys – because this one sure won’t be. (Cowboys) Another slice of pie?

Colts/Falcons – nor will this one. (Colts) How about a turkey sandwich for the road?

On to the (rest of the) Sunday games…

Texans/Browns – two teams with the same record (6-4) in equally tough divisions. Now THIS will be a game. I’m going with the Texans to stretch their winning streak to 3, although I am loving some Browns this year.

Bills/Jags – Talk about teams that are getting hot at the right time! Jags.

Raiders/Chiefs – Oy. I think nearly beating the Colts last week, rather than giving a boost to the Chiefs, will have knocked the stuffing out of them. See that? Stuffing pun! Thanksgiving week! I got a million more like that one. Thanks. I’ll be here all week. Don’t forget to tip your waiter. Raiders.

Vikings/Giants – Giants. And the Vikings might be down to Koy – or worse – once Osi Umenyiora’s done with their QB corps.

Seahawks/Rams – Dear DirecTV: I know it’s not your fault, but can I get some of my Sunday Ticket Super Fan package refunded? Because there is no way in hell I’m ever going to watch an NFC West divisional matchup this year. You can go ahead and blackout the games. I won’t mind.

Redskins/Bucs – Go Jeff! They just lost to Philly North. Now Philly South needs to come in for cleanup. OF THEIR SEASON. MWAHAHAHA!

Saints/Panthers – lose 4, win 4, lose 2…win 2? Saints. I hope.

Titans/Bengals – Despite their recent shellacking by the Broncos on MNF, I’m still bullish on the Titans. Also, as the Bengals still have no appreciable defense, Life-Long Eagles Fan Mom would be able to score a pretty high completion rate against them, so Vince Young should be good to go.

49ers/Cardinals – Worst Game of the Week. (I’m going to have to place a moratorium on games that involve NFC West teams, or they’ll ALWAYS be the Worst Game of the Week.)

Ravens/Chargers – And it’s a race to the bottom! Who will get there first? Tune in to our next less-than-exciting episode of As the Disappointing Teams Crumble. Or not. Even the fans are checking out. Hey, how ‘bout that NHL? Oh right – neither city has a hockey team. Oh well. Amazingly, the 5-5 Chargers are tied with the Broncos for the lead in AFC West. Hey! Maybe the Eagles should relocate. Doesn’t it seem wrong that Las Vegas, betting capital of the US, doesn’t have a pro football team? Just a thought. Chargers. Mostly because I think the Ravens are about to give up on 2007, if they haven’t already.

Broncos/Bears – Yet another team getting hot at the right time. Which has historically been us. But not this year. Broncos.

Dolphins/Steelers – Dolphins. SIKE! No way the Steelers drop two in a row to inferior teams.

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