17 November 2007

2007 Week 11 Picks: Just the Facts, Ma'am

aka, How Did It Get To Be Saturday, Already?

Eagles/Dolphins: Watch out, guys. A game against an 0-9 team has "trap" written all over it. First of all, it's extremely unlikely the Fins will go a whole season without winning a game. Secondly, they're getting desperate. They have to be. Third, West36 didn't practice this week. I'm calling Eagles, but please don't let this be the week the Fins figure out a way to win.

Pathers/Packers: Love ya, Vinny, and it looks like even though David Carr's purportedly healthy now, that starting spot may be yours, but y'all have NO chance. Packers

Raiders/Vikings: With Adrian Peterson playing, the Raiders also had no chance. Now? I'm going out on a limb and picking the Raiders, seeing as the Vikings have literally no offense without AP.

Chargers/Jags: There's a reason last week's win over the Colts was viewed as a huge upset. Jags.

Cardinals/Bengals: Yeesh. Two teams that play like contenders one minute, pretenders the next. Coin flip says Cardinals, who do have a slightly better record (4-5 versus 3-6), but in a much easier division.

Chiefs/Colts: The Colts will throw of the slump of the last two weeks with a win over the Chiefs.

Saints/Texans: Same record, NFC South versus AFC South? Texans.

Giants/Lions: So which Lions will show up? Don't know, but it probably won't matter. Giants.

Browns/Ravens: The Browns are one of the big positive surprises of this topsy-turvy season. If McNair were still taking snaps, it would be a lock. Kyle Boller's a bit more of a cypher, but I still think the Browns will take this one.

Bucs/Falcons: Apparently, Bobby Petrino's not sure whether he's going to start Byron Leftwich or Joey Harrington. Bobby? It won't matter either way - you might as well save yourself the trouble, flip a coin, and use the spare time to make your kids pancakes. Bucs.

Steelers/Jets: Ouch. Jets will be getting stomped. EEK! 1-9. Steelers.

Bears/Seahawks: Worst Game of the Week, largely because both teams are such huge disappointments this year. Oh? And Shaun Alexander? Quit your whining and play, you big, overpaid baby. Rex Grossman should be able to lead the Bears to a win, but then again, there's a lot of things he *should* be able to do that he doesn't seem *able* to do.

Skins/Cowboys: Much as it pains me to say it, the Cowboys will strengthen their lead in the East with a win tomorrow afternoon.

Rams/49ers: Can I take back what I just said? THIS will be the Worst Game of the Week. My advice to both teams' fans? Skip the game, take the fam out for pizza.

Pats/Bills: Another win for the damn Pats.

Titans/Broncos: Titans. They're inconsistent, but the Broncos are inconsistent-er.

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