26 October 2007

2007 Week 8 Picks

Eagles/Vikings: Guys, please. Please. That’s all I’m saying. Please.

Chargers/Texans: The Chargers are having a rough week. Much like the Saints in 2005, their stadium has been turned into a refugee camp and many of them are literally homeless. The difference, of course, is that the California wildfires have decimated rich, largely white areas, so Duhbya and FEMA actually give a damn this time. But I digress. The Chargers and Texans are probably both better teams than their records reflect, and while I think the Chargers are more better, if that makes sense, they're also REALLY distracted right now. It's hard to focus on football when all your worldly possessions have been reduced to ash. Texans.

Giants/Dolphins: The only way the Dolphins win this game is if the Giants accidentally go to NEW England. Or get held up at customs big-time. Giants.

Pats/Skins: Predictably, Tony K thinks there’s a chance the Skins win this one, and Michael Wilbon, ever the realist, understands that the Skins have a better chance of winning the Stanley Cup. Patriots.

Colts/Panthers: John Fox is going to sit Vinny in favor of David Carr. I don’t think it will matter much either way, but wouldn’t it be awesome to see Vinny Testaverde lead the Panthers in an upset win? Colts.

Bears/Lions: Most people figure the Bears are pulling it together and will beat the Lions. I think it would be cool if the Lions won, once again forming a perfect Beat Loop (Eagles>Lions>Bears>Eagles). Make it so! Lions.

Steelers/Bengals: After last week’s last minute loss, the Steelers will be looking for some payback. They’re also the better team. Steelers.

Browns/Rams: The bad! It burns! The Browns will win the Worst Game of the Week.

Titans/Raiders: As I kept reminding you last season, Raiders, if you forfeit, you only lose 1-0 and you conserve valuable beer-drinking time. Titans.

Jets/Bills – Yawn. Bills. Maybe this is the Worst Game of the Week? Nah – neither the Dolphins nor the Rams has a bye, so that’s not possible.

Bucs/Jags: Tough one. I’m crossing my fingers for Philly South and calling Bucs, but the Jags do probably play in the toughest division in the NFL and the Bucs, well, don’t.

Saints/49ers: Alex Smith returns. To defeat. Sorry, babe. Saints.

Packers/Broncos: That was one highly surprising win the Broncos pulled off last Sunday night. Beginning of a streak? Broncos.

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