12 October 2007

2007 Week 6 Picks

First of all, go read King Kaufman for a hilarious take on the Patriots/Cowboys hype. Go ahead...I'll wait...




See? Funny, funny stuff. Now on to my picks:

Eagles/Jets - last year, both teams made a strong showing in the playoffs (well, OK, we did anyway - the Jets got punked by the Patriots in the wildcard round. But you get my point). This year, through week 5, they've won 2 games between them. I might've already mentioned this, but strange things are afoot in the NFL this year. Both teams are desperate for a win - don't let AR's typically "move along - nothing to see here" press conferences and the Philly sportswriters tell you otherwise. This game is going to come down to who wants it more, because both teams need a serious 180 right now to save their seasons. I hope that's us, but I fear it's the Jets. I'm calling us to win, but y'all better bring your A Game.

Titans/Bucs: this should be a great game. I think the Titans will win, but I think it's gonna be close. Good luck to Philly South.

Rams/Ravens: this should NOT be a great game. More teams that were predicted to go deep into the post-season in August who are looking pretty damn shaky now. Ravens'll take this one, but not nearly as easily as they should.

Bengals/Chiefs: The Bengals have NO defense, but since the Chiefs have no offense, that really shouldn't pose a big problem. Bengals.

Vikings/Bears: Who knows, dude? The NFC North is one of MANY inexplicable divisions this year. Given that the Bears upset the Packers (and who thought I'd be writing that sentence a few months ago?), I'm thinking that the Vikings might upset the Bears. And given that the Vikings lost to the Lions, if the Packers can beat the Lions (which shouldn't be tough), we'd have a perfect beat loop! Therefore, I'm picking the Vikings, just because it would be really funny.

Dolphins/Browns: Apparently, Trent Green wants to play. Yeah, that's a great idea. Browns.

Redskins/Packers: Packers (sorry, Deadhead Skins Fan and Spouse and Cool Web Dude Skins Fan)

Texans/Jaguars: I know this sounds crazy, but I'm liking me some Texans.

Panthers/Cardinals: Go Vinny! Win one for...uh, yourself, since you're almost as old as George Gipp.

Raiders/Chargers: Did I mention that the Raiders are currently leading the AFC West? If they manage to beat the Chargers on Sunday, that becomes more than a weird statistical fluke. Scary. I think the Chargers will win this one, since they seem to have righted their ship in Denver last week. Unless that was the fluke. My brain hurts.

Patriots/Cowboys: The battle of the 5-0 teams. Yeah but there's 5-0 and then there's 5-0. Patriots.

Saints/Seahawks: C'mon Saints! Pull it together! Yeah, I think they're gonna drop this one to the Seahawks, too, but they can't lose every single game, right? I mean, even the Raiders and Lions won some games last year.

Giants/Falcons: Much as I'd like to see the Giants drop this one (we need all the help we can get), I can't see it actually happening. Giants

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