08 October 2007

2007 Week 5 Recap

Bye Week

In attendance: Just me & Shoegal.

Menu: Shoegal supplied a picnic of champagne, pate, caviar, accoutrements, chocolate cake, and sour morelo cherries, as I am still sans kitchen (and may be for some time, as the dried out cabinets are looking pretty poorly). And also in need of comfort food. What? Champagne and caviar is so comfort food. You scarf ho-hos if you want.

Ah, the bye week. I couldn't have handled one more piece of bad news this week, so thank you Eagles, for taking time off now. Did you get your act together? I hope so. Also, Andy Reid pretty much always wins the week after the bye, so next Sunday should be good, too.

Around the rest of the NFL...

Saints, Saints, Saints. What is going on? There were moments yesterday when you they looked like the 2006 Saints. And then there were all the Brees throws that looked like vintage Ron Jaworski. No offense, Jaws, you know I love you, but there were a lot of high, wobbly, floaty passes going on there at the end. And there were a lot of ugly floaters from Brees yesterday, too. Also, Andy Reid-level inexplicable play calling. Dude, if you need 12 yards, don't check down to a guy at 6 yards on 3rd down. Multiple times. YIKES! The Panthers were playing their freakin' towel boy at QB (now that Jake Delhomme is out for the year and David Carr wasn't having a great day, either) and you STILL couldn't take 'em. That does not bode well for the other 12 games you're facing this season.

(Hey, Tony Romo just threw his second pick in about 3 minutes! I will be SOOOOO pleased if the Bills manage to upset the Cowboys tonight. Am I the only one who's totally sick of the fact that the sports bloviators have pretty much already voted Romo into the Hall of Fame? He hasn't even started a full season yet - or had Captain ME! turn on him. Trust me, there's PLENTY of time for this to go wrong.)

Speaking of upsets, I cannot even believe that Bad Brett showed back up last night. Packers, y'all had it in the bag - until the end of the 3rd quarter. And frankly it never should have been that close in the first place. Is that the fat lady I hear singing for James Jones? Word of advice? Stay away from Charles Tillman. And Brian Urlacher.

The Chargers appear to have their sexy back. You know, or the Broncos totally suck. I'm bummed that we won't get to see LT's weekly "we're terrible" press conference. They were getting to be kind of funny.

The Ravens/49ers game was a real shoot-out. NOT. HA! So glad I picked the Steelers for AFC North, against conventional wisdom. If the Ravens can only manage to beat the 49ers by a score of 9-7, that does not bode well for remaining 11 games they have to play.

Speaking of the Steelers, they KILLED the Seahawks. OK, not as bad as the Seahawks killed us on MNF in 2005, but still, the Steelers visited a big time hurt on the Hawks. PS to Steeley McGeek: the smack talking ain't gonna happen. I like the Steelers too much. See, I'm a true Pennsylvanian - I don't buy the whole west side/east side rivalry. I love all things PA. Unlike some people who claim to love PA.

Speaking of delivering a whuppin', the Skins beat the Lions as bad as WE beat the Lions. Apparently, it's their year to get smoked by the NFC East. Personally, I'm hoping for a Cowboys repeat loss to the Lions in December. That would be cool.

The Bucs (aka Philly South, according to the observant rocketman) got smoked by the Colts. Not surprising, but still sad. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Jeff Garcia will be able to cap off his career with leading teams to NFC East and NFC South titles in consecutive seasons. Because, realistically, how long can he keep playing? (Yes, I know I picked the Saints to win NFC South, but clearly, that was before they reverted to form.)

Memo to Trent Green: seriously, man, quit before you die on the field. The universe is trying to tell you something, and that something is "RETIRE, fool!" I like football a whole lot, too, and I don't even make money at it, but you seem to be wearing a HUGE target, buddy. And then, to add insult to injury, y'all lost on a last second, 57 yard field goal. It's time for a career change, homes, before somebody knocks your brain clear out of your skull.

The Cardinals did manage to pull off a win over the Rams. But Matt Leinart is out with a broken collarbone, and who knows if Kurt Warner has enough left in him to start for the remaining 11 games they have to play. Also, if you can't beat a team that's being QBed by Gus Frerotte (what, was Vinny Testaverde busy?), you should just pack it in now. Bet the Rams are actually wishing they could get ole Kurt back. In other news, it's been a tough year for QBs so far.

The Titans did beat the Falcons, although the Falcons did better than I thought they would. And without that weird tipped INT run back late in the 3rd quarter, they probably would have won. Are the Falcons better than I thought, or are the Titans worse?

Jags managed to pull it together to beat the Chiefs, the Pats surprised no one by beating the Browns (who did better than many of the Pats' earlier opponents have done against them), and the stupid Jets completely fell apart in the second half, blowing a huge lead, and definitely NOT helping us in the division. Punks.

As we're nearing half time, the Bills are up, but probably not enough, as the Cowboys have been a strong second half team this year. C'mon Bills, you can do this!

Edited to add: literally TWO SECONDS after I posted this, Bills' defensive end Chris Kelsay tipped a Tony Romo pass to himself and ran it in about 5 yards for a TD. Go Bills!

Edited to add: literally TWO SECONDS after that, Tonyboy threw his FOURTH pick. We haven't even hit the two minute warning in the half yet. Think Captain ME! is still being all encouraging on the sidelines? Me, either.

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