05 September 2007

In the media...

Great article about our Iggles and D-Mac on Yahoo! sports - "Lightning Rod of Criticism" (and shout out to Shoegal for pointing it out)

The shitstorm continues in New York - Tiki Barber, apparently done with throwing Eli Manning under the bus (for the time being), has turned his ire on Tom Coughlin. Look, I think Coughlin's a jerk, too, but way to lose friends and alienate people there, Tiki.

My secret sportswriter boyfriend, King Kaufman, has his 2007 AFC picks ready to go (finally). I suspect his NFC picks will show up tomorrow.

Speaking of picks, it looks like I will end up writing my week one preview during the season opener game tomorrow night. If they were playing in the Superdome, I would definitely pick the Saints. As it is, I suspect the Colts will win, despite the fact that I want the Saints to win. Ah well. The rest of week 1 picks tomorrow....

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