26 September 2007

Go West36!

West36 is not practicing this week. Which, generally speaking, is a good thing. As Chef Spouse points out, it's not like he and D-Mac need the extra reps to practice their timing at this point.

And I quote:
"Westbrook was named NFC Offensive Player of the Week after rushing 14 times for 110 yards and catching five passes for 111 yards against the Lions. Westbrook is the NFC's leading rusher.

He became the seventh player since 1970 to record more than 110 rushing yards and more than 110 receiving yards in a game.

This is Westbrook's first career offensive player of the week award. "
Read the full article.

Check out his website.

(Also, Rex Grossman appears to be out as Bears' starting QB. I'd pretend to be surprised, but I'd be lying.)

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