22 September 2007

2007 Week 3 Picks: The No Frills Edition

AKA, "Just the Picks, Ma'am!"

Eagles/Lions: Eagles. Shoegal has a theory that if she's not watching the game with us, the Eagles lose. Chef Spouse has a theory that if he doesn't make guacamole, the Eagles lose. Both things have been the case in our 0-2 start. This week? Shoegal AND guacamole are on tap. Plus, my feeble brain can't comprehend the possibility that we'll start 0-3 and the Lions will be 3-0.

Rams/Bucs: Bucs

Chargers/Packers: Packers (seems like a crazy pick, I know, but I just have a feeling...)

Dolphins/Jets: Jets

Cardinals/Ravens: Ravens

Colts/Texans: Colts (much as I'd like to see someone take them down a peg)

Vikings/Chiefs: Vikings

Bills/Patriots: Patriots (much as I'd like to see someone take them down a peg)

49ers/Steelers: Steelers (things are nutty in the NFC West, but they aren't that nutty)

Browns/Raiders: Worst Game of the Week

Bengals/Seahawks: Bengals

Jaguars/Broncos: Jaguars

Giants/Redskins: Redskins (the Giants SUCK)

Panthers/Falcons: Panthers (the Falcons also SUCK)

Cowboys/Bears: Bears (as long as they can shut down the 'Boys offense. Fortunately, they're pretty good at that. X Factor? How many dumb mistakes will Sexy Rexy make?)

Titans/Saints: Titans (much as I'll hate to see the Saints lose their home opener and drop to 0-3, I don't think they'll get past the Titans)

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