17 September 2007

2007 Week 2 Recap, Part 1

In attendance: Ex-Navy Cheesehead, Shoegal, Chef Spouse (but only for the first quarter of the Giants/Packers game, as he was headed to Sin City on business)

Menu: brats, crudites (courtesy of ExNC), Indian snacks (courtesy of Shoegal), Swetzel's spice cookies

Have we entered Bizarro Land? What the hell is going on here? Don't believe me? Check out the evidence and then tell me what you think...

The Texans beat the Panthers. Steve Smith had a great game, and the Texans still beat the Panthers.

In even more weirdness, the Cardinals beat the Seahawks. I think no one was more shocked by that than the Cardinals themselves.

The BROWNS beat the BENGALS. What? Seriously. What? 51-45? Are you KIDDING me? And I thought the Cowboys/Giants game last week was high scoring. This is what I expected the Colts/Saints season opener to look like. Speaking of....

What THE HELL is wrong with the Saints? I mean, yay, Jeff Garcia, but the Bucs beating the Saints seems unfathomable. Or at least it did until yesterday afternoon. The Saints look terrible so far. Who knew Joe Horn was that critical? Or did Sean Payton use up all his good ideas last year?

And then there's the "almosts" - the Titans almost beat the Colts, and the Raiders almost beat the Broncos. The RAIDERS. I'm speechless.

The 49ers squeaked a win over the Rams, and the Lions squeaked a win over the Vikings. You know, normally, whichever team gets to receive in OT wins. But not the Vikings, oh no. Of course, John "Ironman" Kitna really earned that one, not only coming back from a first half concussion but powering his team down the field almost single-handedly after the Vikings turned it over in their OT opening possession.

The Steelers KILLED the Bills, no shock there, and the Cowboys KILLED the Dolphins on a scorching hot afternoon in Miami. The Dolphins managed to hang in there for about 3 quarters, until their defense spontaneously combusted because they'd been on the field so long. It was so hot, the coaches were getting IVs.

The Jaguars surprised no one by beating the Falcons. Gonna be a long season in Atlanta. And the Ravens B Team took the Jets B Team. Well, OK, the Jets, but y'all better try to get some of those Black Birds healthy, because you will eventually need your A game is all I'm saying.

The Bears handled the Chiefs pretty easily. I'll be interested to see what happens when the Bears have to face a good team (of course, maybe the Browns are better than I think they are? Nah - Bengals are worse).

Another shocker? The Packers are actually looking like a good team this year. (Well, and the Giants are looking pretty bad. I'd say Eli should've sat, but he actually had a decent day. Maybe the REST of the team should've sat?) Which means Brett Favre is never, ever, ever going to retire, doesn't it? Damn.

Looking forward to when the Pack plays a really great team, which I would've said they'd be doing next week against the Chargers UNTIL LAST NIGHT. I quit watching at 31-14 'cause I just couldn't take it any more. Looks like those cameras Belichick was using were just back up for the MIND CONTROL CHIPS. "Phillip Rivers...you WILL throw another pick to us...Phillip Rivers...you WILL throw another pick to us...." Is it too early to use the word "juggernaut"? I really don't like the Patriots. Not that that accomplishes anything other than weekly irritation when they win, but I really don't like the Patriots.

A side note: I saw part of Tom Brady's post-game press conference on ESPN this evening. I swear, the lights are on, but nobody's home. Look at his eyes the next time you see him. Hopefully, their kid will get Bridget Moynahan's brains. Not that I have any idea if she has any, but she's gotta by sharper than Tommy Boy there.

Chad Johnson TD watch, week 2: Leap into the Dawg Pound, beer shower. I give it a C for originality, an A+ for bravery (or foolhardiness).

It's just over 60 minutes to kickoff. Eagles fans, ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?

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