15 September 2007

2007 Week 2 Picks

How do we not beat the Skins? I surely do not know. But then again, I said the same thing about the Packers, and look how wrong I turned out to be there. Still, I don’t see us losing our home opener, particularly now that we have a punt returner who can actually field kicks. So that’s 10 points the Redskins won’t get. As long as our offense can find the keys, we should be in good shape.

There was a great article in today’s WaPo about what Jason Campbell and D-Mac. Unlike some quarterbacks I could mention who’ve gone on the record saying they refuse to mentor to new guy, D-Mac is not only working with our rookie, Kevin Kolb, but with other rookie QBs around the league. Pure class is all I can say.

In the other games:

Colts/Titans – well, since I went with the Titans to win the division, I better go with the Titans to win this game.

Packers/Giants – after beating us, the Packers BETTER take the Giants. ‘Cause they’re a mess, and it looks like they’ll be missing Little Eli Sunday. I can’t believe I’m rooting for the Packers. Of course, given that the alternative is rooting for the Giants...Packers. Definitely Packers.

Bengals/Browns – Bengals. ‘Nuff said.

Texans/Panthers – hmmm, this is a tough one. I didn’t see either team’s game last week. Panthers looked pretty bad in the pre-season, and Texans actually looked pretty decent. Given that the Panthers beat a better team last week (Rams, versus the Texans over the Chiefs), I’ll have to go with the Panthers, but it could go either way.

Saints/Bucs – Saints. The opener against the Colts was an aberration. Sadly, the Bucs dusting by the Seahawks last week probably wasn’t.

Bills/Steelers – Steelers, particularly since the Bills are likely to be somewhat distracted.

Falcons/Jaguars – Absolutely the Jaguars. The Falcons have NO shot. They might as well not even play.

49ers/Rams – OK, so the 49ers beat the Cardinals, who are probably going to be terrible again this year, and the Rams lost to the Panthers, who are going to be...who knows? But again, I called the 49ers to win the division, so they better take the Rams this week.

Vikings/Lions – Ugh. Worst Game of the Week. Vikings. Hey Brad, can you TRY to make your team better? Soon? Thanks, babe.

Seahawks/Cardinals – Seahawks. Cute as Matt Leinart is, he doesn’t seem to be making the transition to the NFL very well. Of course, the sucky rest of the team isn’t really helping him any.

Cowboys/Dolphins – the Skins barely squeaked by the Fins in OT last week. And doesn’t Trent Green run around with a big ole target on his back? Oy, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but...Cowboys. Now I’m just waiting for the lightning bolt to fall from the sky and strike me dead. DUCK!

Chiefs/Bears – Bears, even though their offense is TERRIBLE. But if they lose too many more defenders, they’re in BIG trouble.

Jets/Ravens – Both teams are likely to be missing their starting QBs, and the Ravens are probably short Ray Lewis, who will likely be on the sidelines playing the role of NFL’s Most Terrifying Cheerleader. I think the Jets are going to win, and I think the Ravens could be in trouble.

Raiders/Broncos – Broncos, despite the fact that it took everything they had to get past the Bills last week. But the Raiders are not the Bills. Not sure if that’s a bigger insult to the Raiders or to the Bills.

Chargers/Patriots – Pats, you big cheaters! I hope the Chargers smoke your asses. Should be a great game.

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